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  • Understand_Genesis_5_Ages_4Understand_Genesis_5_Ages_4
    How to Understand Genesis 5 Ages 4 is the fourth in the video series. Study of very ancient time cycles involving Adam and Seth may awaken spirituality long thought dormant. Preparations included Egyptian to Roman solar calendar time stream gap th...timeemits-cj2013-07-16T02:09:07227 views00:15:21
  • Understand_Genesis_5_Ages_3Understand_Genesis_5_Ages_3
    Part 3 of Genesis 5 Ages Video Series
    Primary ages for Adam and his son, Seth directly come from the Holy Bible. Definitions are given with accepted Mayan Calendar cycles. Primary and Secondary Ages for Adam are separated and examined as hist...
    timeemits-cj2013-07-16T01:49:04322 views00:14:40
  • Understand_Genesis_5_Ages_2Understand_Genesis_5_Ages_2
    The Antediluvian Calendar gave rise to at least four different forms of ancient calendar systems. Lunar/solar ages shown by Genesis predicated the solar Egyptian Calendar instrument frequently applied to remote chronology. Judaism perpetuates the ...timeemits-cj2013-07-16T01:29:21228 views00:16:19
  • Understand_Genesis_5_Ages_1Understand_Genesis_5_Ages_1
    Seven Antediluvian Patriarchs are listed in dynastic order beginning with Adam. We identify two ages for each character. Primary ages span from the start of each character's life until he begat or fathered his next listed son. Secondary ages span ...timeemits-cj2013-07-16T00:29:04337 views00:15:56