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  • What Exactly is the New CovenantWhat Exactly is the New Covenant
    What is the new covenant? It is a contract. Do Christians know the terms? Do they care? They should. It would be wise to know the terms of the covenant that one is a party to.
    thedoorpost2011-02-04T15:55:41311 views00:30:02
  • The Place of His RestThe Place of His Rest
    Where is the place of his rest? A look at the temple. thedoorpost2011-01-16T08:50:07368 views00:22:58
  • When Was Jesus Born?When Was Jesus Born?
    When was Jesus born? Is this something we can know with certainty? Yes. The bible gives us subtle clues that pinpoint the day. Normally, we read right over these clues because they don't mean anything to us. This video shows how we can use these c...thedoorpost2010-12-17T13:36:29453 views00:14:49
  • Ezekiel's Prophecy and the Lost SheepEzekiel's Prophecy and the Lost Sheep
    This video reveals the impact Ezekiel chapter 4 has on our lives when God has Ezekiel lay on his side for 390 days as a siege against the house of Israel.thedoorpost2010-12-16T12:36:32610 views00:14:57
  • The Kingdom of GodThe Kingdom of God
    Some word of Jesus concerning the kingdom of Godthedoorpost2010-12-16T11:06:53298 views00:14:57