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  • Making Holy GarmentsMaking Holy Garments
    We need to cloth ourselves and each other correctly dressed for the occasion. The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.scf2010-10-02T00:23:391,925 views00:29:54
  • Hope LivesHope Lives
    When you find a living hope you will never fear of failure.scf2010-10-02T00:23:392,326 views00:29:45
  • A Seed Planted at BeershebaA Seed Planted at Beersheba
    If you have been down and losing ground it is time to reclaim the fountain of Joy, and once you have found it plant a seed of your devotion within that ground. Joy come in the morning.scf2010-10-02T00:23:371,888 views00:29:35
  • Being In The KnowBeing In The Know
    The anxiety of not knowing can create fear that holds you back from moving ahead, the question is how do we get in the know. Jesus reveals great things to us by His Spirit.scf2010-10-02T00:22:561,851 views00:29:36