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  • King James Bible Only & Double Standards 1King James Bible Only & Double Standards 1
    One of the craziest things about KJV Onlyism is that they apply standards to using The KJV Only that they would not apply to any other work of literature or other aspect of their lives.revpipster2013-01-03T08:09:08451 views00:04:34
  • KingJames Onlyism & ProphecyKingJames Onlyism & Prophecy
    KJV Onlyists love to quote from the KJV to say IT can be found in Bible Prophecy. But They use tools to interpret these scriptures that they would not use on orthodox Christian beliefs because they would end up denying Christian truths if they di...revpipster2012-12-30T14:54:06306 views00:09:49
  • King James Onlyism & False FaithKing James Onlyism & False Faith
    Sam Gipp presents a video series called What's The Big Deal with the KJV? In his 3rd video he equates Faith in Christ and The Bible with faith in KJV Onlyism. that to deny one is to deny another.revpipster2012-12-30T13:04:05499 views00:09:16
  • I'm Becoming King James Bible OnlyI'm Becoming King James Bible Only
    For Christmas I was given a KJV 1611 Text Bible and it's Brilliant....... but I'm not making it an Idol!revpipster2012-12-26T10:04:06478 views00:04:13
  • King James Onlyism & RacismKing James Onlyism & Racism
    Consider this: Does KJV Onlyism promote racism?revpipster2012-12-23T22:14:06381 views00:09:25
  • King James Onlyism and PrideKing James Onlyism and Pride
    Consider this: Does KJV Onlyism promote pride?revpipster2012-12-23T20:14:07369 views00:06:42