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  • Prayer and Fasting (Believers Secret Weapon)Prayer and Fasting (Believers Secret Weapon)
    Prayer and Fasting (Believers Secret Weapon)
    Are you struggling to get closer to God? Our Heavenly Father is calling us to a deeper walk with him. The power of Prayer and Fasting is a forgotten practice today tha...
    remnantcall2017-01-13T06:46:15143 views00:53:22
  • The Road to Captivity with CR OliverThe Road to Captivity with CR Oliver
    Are we headed to captivity like they were in Jeremiah's Day? Dr. Oliver takes us on a powerful Journey through the book of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah to find deep insights into how God dealt with the people back then and how he will deal with h...remnantcall2017-01-13T06:29:1642 views01:01:03
  • Messianic Rabbi Zev Parat All Israel Shall Be SavedMessianic Rabbi Zev Parat  All Israel Shall Be Saved
    Time is Short and deception is all over. Brother Zev Porat by the Power of the Spirit is leading Jews to Yeshua/Jesus. Listen as we look at the dangers of replacement theology and find out how glorious to know that you can be grafted in to the Tru...remnantcall2016-12-12T15:54:2357 views01:03:38
  • The Time of Tears has BegunThe Time of Tears has Begun
    The time of tears has come, today to just a few but soon to everyone
    Calling God's Remnant people from all denominations who desire to surrender everything to Jesus. Join us every Thursday at 9pm Est for the Remnant Call Broadcast.
    remnantcall2016-10-13T19:34:3639 views01:27:40