Truth Tribe with Douglas Groothuis

Truth Tribe with Douglas Groothuis

Douglas Groothuis

Introducing Truth Tribe (My Testimony and Mission)

November 21, 2022   ●   21 min

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This episode acquaints you with me briefly. I speak of my conversion and ministry since then. Early on, God showed me that he wanted me to teach, preach, and write. I endeavor to bring the truth of Christianity to the world and to build up the church in the faith given once for all to the saints (Jude 3). Because of my work in philosophy and apologetics, my story can be an apologetic for Christianity. I make this case in “Autobiography as Apologetic,” published in The Christian Research Journal:

In the podcast, did not mention all the books I have published in the show, so here they are.
1. Unmasking the New Age. InterVarsity Press, 1986
2. Confronting the New Age. InterVarsity Press, 1988.
3. Revealing the New Age Jesus. InterVarsity Press, 1990.
4. Christianity that Counts. Baker Books, 1994.
5. Deceived by the Light. Harvest House, 1995
6. Jesus in an Age of Controversy. Harvest House, 1996.
7. The Soul in Cyberspace. Baker Books, 1997.
8. Truth Decay. InterVarsity Press, 2000.
9. On Jesus. Wadsworth, 2003.
10. On Pascal. Wadsworth, 2003.
11. Christian Apologetics, first edition. InterVarsity Press, 2011.
12. Philosophy in Seven Sentences. InterVarsity Press, 2017.
13. Walking through Twilight: A Wife’s Illness—A Philosopher’s Lament. InterVarsity Press, 2017.
14. I Love You to the Stars (with Crystal Bowman). Kregel, 2021. A children’s book.
15. Christian Apologetics, 2nd ed. InterVarsity Press, 2022. Contains eight new chapters.
16. Fire in the Streets. Salem Book, 2022.
17. The Knowledge of God in the World and in the Word: An Introduction to Classical Apologetics (with Andrew Shepardson). Zondervan Academic. Due: December, 2022.

In addition, I coedited, with James Sennett, In Defense of Natural Theology. InterVarsity Press, 2005.
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