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Yellowstone, Boy Bands & Escaping Performance Culture with Caden Fabrizio

January 24, 2023   ●   48 min

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Caden Fabrizio is the host of the fast-rising podcast Questions with Caden, a show that takes a look at faith questions that rarely get asked.

Only just in its second season, the show has already tackled topics like tragedy, truth, purpose, and fear.
As a Liberty University graduate, Caden has studied the Bible deeply. But as this conversation on Trevor Talks quickly reveals, Caden has more than just head knowledge: he has a heart-deep relationship with Jesus that has taught him to accept true peace and rest.

If you’ve ever been taught that performance = success, this is the episode for you. You’ll hear how Caden redefined his own mental health goals from chasing an absence of anxiety to inviting the presence of Jesus instead.

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