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Christian Conference Embraces LGBTQ+ Ideology: Dr. Denny Burk Interview

November 10, 2022   ●   52 min

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In today’s episode, Becket talks with Dr. Denny Burk, president of The Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, about the recent Revoice conference held in Dallas, Texas. Revoice is the organization of Christians who maintain a belief in Biblical orthodoxy related to sexuality, but still identify themselves as “gay,” or “queer,” etc. We get into some of the shocking things that were said and done during this conference (e.g. Organizers handed out name tags and instructed attendees to select a sticker with their preferred pronouns to wear and tote bags/tees with slogans such as “Queer Today, Queer Tomorrow.” Speakers frequently referred to “sexual and gender minorities” along with terms such as women “assigned female at birth.” One presenter was introduced using “they/them” pronouns and wore a black T-shirt w/ the inscription, “Imago Dei” in transgender flag colors. This is an important episode for the church.

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