Talk About That

Talk About That

John Driver and Jonnie W

Sad Donkeys, DNA 🧬, and Ordinary Lives

December 20, 2022   ●   63 min

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Today on Talk About That, John chases a bird around his house 🦅 🧹, wonders if donkeys are depressed, and loses at Trivial Pursuit in epic fashion. Meanwhile, Jonnie injures himself with a cinnamon roll, has a chance encounter with Willie Nelson 🤠, and pictures himself as a comedian after the apocalypse. 💣 

Plus, a conversation about the pressure to be extraordinary in today’s culture and what success actually looks like.

Todays’ episode is NOT sponsored by Pinky Toes®️🦶: “You won’t even know we’re there until you hit us on the coffee table.”

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