Talk About That

Talk About That

John Driver and Jonnie W

Phone Dreams, Blood Moons, and Overcorrections

June 7, 2023   ●   52 min

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John has a leaky ceiling and is running late, even while asleep. Meanwhile, Jonnie wonders why no one is ever on their phones in their dreams, and tells the story of the group in the 1600’s who thought the world was ending.

Plus, a conversation about overcorrections, balance, and the need for dissenting viewpoints.

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Today's Devotional

A Prayer to Change the Way You Think.- Your Daily Prayer - September 24

The world is bent to “self,” but we are called to be selfless. Through the power of the Holy Spirit living in every single one of us who believes in Christ Jesus as our Savior, we have infinite power to transform and renew our minds. God wouldn’t have put in Scripture for us to digest if it was impossible.

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