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2 Sanitation Workers Save A 10-Year-Old Girl | Story Of How Bette Midler Nearly Passed on One of Her Biggest Hits

May 19, 2021   ●   7 min

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When it comes to Bette Midler songs, ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ is undeniably one of her biggest hits. But now, the renowned singer says she’s preparing to “fade away.” And so, she’s opening up about nearly passing on one of her most iconic tunes, as well as calling out a few songs she regrets ever recording.


Suspicions arose after two sanitation workers noticed a car parked in an unusual location while they were on their typical trash route. And when they realized the car matched the description of one mentioned in a recent amber alert, they sprung into action!

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2 Sanitation Workers Notice Something’s Not right And Save A 10-Year-Old Girl:

Ready To ‘Fade Away’, Bette Midler Talks Songs She Regrets And 1 Hit She Almost Turned Down:
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