So Much More: Creating Space for God (Lectio Divina and Scripture Meditation)

So Much More: Creating Space for God (Lectio Divina and Scripture Meditation)

Jodie Niznik

Six Steps to Savoring Scripture | Andrew Abernethy

March 15, 2023   ●   28 min

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Sometimes Scripture can feel confusing and disconnected from our lives.

Yet it’s how God chose to communicate his heart with us.

Which means it is how we come to know God and ourselves better.


So, how do we read Scripture in a way that helps us connect with God?


Andrew Abernethy, author and professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College, wrote the book Savoring Scripture: A Six-Step Guide to Studying the Bible. A super helpful and practical guide that helps us savor Scripture – and, more importantly, the God of Scripture.


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Some highlights from our conversation:

  • We talked about why Andrew felt he needed to write this book.
  • We talk about how I was taught to study Scripture: observation, interpretation, and application. I confess that this method stressed me out – and actually put a barrier between God and me.
  • Andrew starts with step one - our heart posture. And tells us why this is such a critical place to start.
  • We then discuss the remaining steps: flow, historical context, book context, whole Bible, savoring God, and our faithful response.
  • We discuss how Lectio Divina fits into this model and why it’s helpful.
  • We discuss Psalm 121 and Andrew’s time meditating on this beautiful passage. And the hope and peace it brought him that very day.
  • Lastly, Andrew encourages us to give this six-step method a try and tells us about his attempt to learn break dancing. Yes, it’s applicable.


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