Salty Saints

Salty Saints

Zack Killey and Randy Spacht

Divine Epochs: Exploring the Four Phases of God's Movement in History

September 29, 2023   ●   57 min

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This week, Zack and Randy journey through the corridors of time, unraveling the four distinctive phases of God's enduring impact on the tapestry of human history. This captivating episode guides you through the awe-inspiring narratives of creation, the fall of humanity, the quest for redemption, and the ultimate culmination of time itself. 

Join us as we connect historical dots, unveiling the complex wisdom of divine intervention.

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A Prayer to Forgive When the Other Person Is Not Sorry - Your Daily Prayer - July 17

Nobody has more experience in offering a pardon to wrongdoers than the Lord. No one is more justified to judge than the Father—but he offers forgiveness. And so must we follow.

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