Real Refreshment - The Podcast

Real Refreshment - The Podcast

Rachael Carman

53. CHILL OUT: Part 2 of 5

January 19, 2023   ●   32 min

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CHILL OUT: pt 2. Today, we will dive into the H and I. In Mark 6:31 God calls us to "Hit the Breaks" on our lives and lean into the fact that Jesus sees us, knows us, and wants to invite us to trade those moments of intensity with moments of rest. Also in Hebrew 12:1-3, he tells us to ignore the competition and the opposition. We often get distracted by the race of others around us, thinking that ours should be the same as theirs. The fact is that it is not and never will be. That is a gift from the Lord so that we can strip off the comparison that we are always falling into. Come along with us today as we dive deeper into allowing ourselves to hit the breaks and ignore the competition.
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A Prayer for God to Make it Happen - Your Daily Prayer - February 8

Prayer is powerful. Our prayers are heard in heaven. Scripture says the Lord is already on the move in response before we are done praying. He loves us, His children. So why does it feel like our prayers go unnoticed and unanswered at times? 

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