March or Die

March or Die

Jeremy Stalnecker

What is Biblical Masculinity with guest Kyle Thompson

September 21, 2022   ●   38 min

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What is Biblical Masculinity and why does it matter? Sadly, even in the Christian community so many get this wrong. Understanding Masculinity from the perspective of Creation equips men to lead their homes, their churches and the culture around them and when they are doing it well, each of those areas is better. This week on The March or Die Show I have the privilege of discussing not only the definition of Masculinity but the impact strong men have on the world with my guest Kyle Thompson.

Kyle is the founder of The mission of Undaunted.Life is equipping men to push back darkness. They do this by providing content that leads men to forge spiritual, mental, and physical resilience. Kyle is also the host of Undaunted.Life: A Man's Podcast, which has reached the top 10 and top 15 on the Apple Podcasts and Spotify charts respectively. Check him out at
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