March or Die

March or Die

Jeremy Stalnecker

Challenges, Faith, and Resiliency in Law Enforcement with Sheriff Chad Bianco

May 10, 2023   ●   68 min

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This week on The March or Die Show, I have the privilege of speaking with the Sheriff of Riverside County, CA, Sheriff Chad Bianco. With 30 years of Law Enforcement experience and currently leading one of the largest Sheriff's Departments in the country, Sheriff Bianco understands the unique challenges faced by today's Law Enforcement Professionals and the personal cost they pay for standing up against evil and chaos. After providing perspective on these challenges, we discuss the need for faith, the elements of a resilient life and how the community can support those who keep us safe.

Whether you are a Law Enforcement Officer in need of encouragement, or someone that needs a deeper understanding of what these men and women do for those they serve, you will be helped by this incredible interview. Very grateful to Sheriff Bianco for his time and patience as he worked through my MANY questions and for his example of character and leadership in our state. Listen, share, and listen again!

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