Mama, Take Heart

Mama, Take Heart

Robrenna Redl

Episode 3: How to Begin Building Trust with Your Gen Z Kid

January 06, 2021   ●   14 min

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Gen Z is the most post-Christian generation ever. 37% of Gen Z’ers say that there is no way to know if God is real. They see church-goers are hypocritical. 17% believe that church feels like an exclusive club.

All of this tells me we’ve got work to do. And that work starts with building trust through authentic relationships.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode: - Axis: Connecting Parents, Teens & Jesus in a Disconnected World

Pew Research Center: What We Know About Gen Z So Far
Barna Group: Atheism Doubles Among Generation Z
CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey Trends Report

Episode Image Credit: Getty/Kudryavtsev-Pavel
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