Kainos Project

Kainos Project

Dale Chamberlain and Tamara Chamberlain

Episode 56 - Reexamining Parenting Paradigms

July 20, 2021   ●   48 min

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Parenting his hard. Understanding the "biblical view" on parenting can be even harder.
In this episode, we discuss how some common parenting values of suburban evangelicalism came into vogue with the rise of books and related media like Focus on the Family and Growing Kids God's Way.
As we discuss, we reassess the parts of our upbringing that were cultural trends rather than a theological absolute. We wrestle with what might need to be amended in our modern age, especially as we look to our own two sons. 
Regardless of whether you are a parent or just grew up in a conservative evangelical home, we hope you'll commiserate with us about the complexities of training children up in the way they should go. 
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