How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

Nicole Unice

Truth for When I Feel Angry: Psalm 4:4

August 30, 2021   ●   24 min

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No matter what circumstances you are in, God describes himself as slow to anger, compassionate, and rich in love.

In today’s episode, we are searching for truth in our feelings when we are angry. What do we do when we feel angry? Behind our anger can be fear, insecurity, pride, control, and irritation, but God is calling us to search our hearts before him to understand where our angry is being placed.

In today’s episode, Nicole does a topical study of scripture and breaks down 3 important principles about anger:
1. God is slow to anger.
2. God’s anger and human anger are not the same things.
3. Anger is not a sin, but it can lead to sin.

Questions to consider:
1. Since anger is a natural reaction, what is my plan for dealing appropriately with it?
2. How am I at releasing anger? What might I need to request from God about my anger?

As a reminder, here are the three questions we ask each show:
1. What do the verses say?
2. What's the backstory, what's the context?
3. What does it mean? What are the principles of this passage?

Today's Scripture Referenced:
Exodus 34:6
Psalm 135:8
Psalm 103:8
Psalm 86:15
Nehemiah 9:17
Proverbs 15:1
Escalates 7:9
Ephesians 4:26
James 1:19-20
Psalm 4:4

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