How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

Nicole Unice

Romans Week Seven: Our Struggle with Sin

October 18, 2021   ●   23 min

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Questions We Ask Every Time We Read the Bible:

1. What do the verses say?
2. What's the backstory? What's the context?
3. What does it mean? What are the principles of this passage?

What does it say?

In Chapter 7, Paul expresses that even though he has been set free from the law that has brought death, he still struggles with sin.

What’s the backstory?

Paul alludes to a process in which there is a time in our lives that we are innocent of the awareness of sin. However, as we learn about morality and the law that we are supposed to follow, it makes us want to sin.

What does it mean?

Even though Paul is a “holy guy” the struggle is real for him, and the struggle is real for us too. There is no difference between us. More education, knowledge, or desire for God does not mean that we won’t struggle with sin.

What does it mean for me?

There is a real war being waged within me as a believer. This law of sin is still at work trying to draw me in, but I have an assurance of salvation and the mercy of God. Every single day his mercy is new.

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