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Christian Parent, Crazy World

Catherine Segars

What Worldviews Are Competing with Your Kids' Faith? - Episode 7

May 10, 2021   ●   32 min

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Today, we’re getting brainy. But we’re also going to have a lot of fun. The subject of worldviews can be overwhelming and confusing. But you and your kids are going to need to understand these concepts. I break down each main worldview in easy-to-understand terms and have a ton of resources to help you explore and explain these worldviews to your kids.

When it comes to worldviews, the question we have to ask ourselves is: “Which worldview best represents and explains reality?” We don’t want our kids to believe the Christian faith just because we told them to, but because they have investigated other worldviews and believe Christianity is the best explanation of reality.

We want our kids’ beliefs to be:
Sound, Logical, Cohesive, Coherent, and Convincing

When you combine all of that with a personal relationship, your kids will have a really solid faith.

If you missed Episode 6, be sure to go back and check it out.

So, what are the various worldviews?

1. Naturalism
2. Pantheism
3. Theism or Monotheism
4. Spiritism and Polytheism
5. Postmodernism
6. Pluralism
7. Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

More resources on the worldviews: chart and article, "5 Worldviews", by Dennis McCallum

Cheat Sheet on Existentialism

MIT Physicist Ian Hutchinson quote on scientism

Pew Research Center statistic on belief in God

Ligonier Ministries article What Is a Worldview? by James Anderson

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