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Catherine Segars

Hope for Families That Are Battling Mental Health Disorders (with Peyton Garland) - Episode 61

May 8, 2023   ●   59 min

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May is mental health awareness month, and more families than ever are battling challenges in this area of health. Catherine and her special guest, Peyton Garland, dive deep into the topics of OCD, anxiety, and depression in this episode to offer unique insights, education, and encouragement to weary parents.


Peyton has a powerful testimony of how God is using a mental health disorder in her life for her good and for His glory. Having dealt with obsessive compulsive thoughts since early childhood, Peyton breaks down the four primary types of “sticky thoughts” that people who battle OCD contend with. They are:


  1. Mental Thoughts & Taboo Rituals (a.k.a. Religious OCD)
  2. Symmetry
  3. Contamination
  4. Harm


Peyton expertly navigates the detours and dead ends associated with these compulsive thoughts, and Catherine shares the victory she has experienced in her 17-year battle with clinical depression, highlighting the most dangerous prayer you can pray as a Christian! Along the way, these ladies offer hope while pointing families that deal with mental health disorders towards healing.


Peyton Garland is an author and coffee shop hopper who loves connecting people to a grace bigger than expected. Her debut book, Not So by Myself, was ranked on Kharis Publishing's 2021 Bestseller List. Meanwhile, Wipf & Stock recently released her second title: Tired, Hungry, & Kinda Faithful. Outside the writing world, Peyton is a pilot's wife, dog mom, and soon-to-be boy mom who loves reading WWII fiction and faithfully defending the Oxford comma. 




Peyton’s website

Peyton’s blog: Uncured & Okay

Peyton’s Instagram & Facebook Pages



Tired, Hungry, and Kinda Faithful: Where Exhaustion and Exile Meet God by Peyton Garland

Not So By Myself: A safe space where God doesn’t fix the loneliness but sits with you instead by Peyton Garland

The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn (day 191)



To the Mama with a Mental Health Disorder” by Peyton Garland

A Few Not So Stereotypical Thoughts on OCD” by Peyton Garland

What I Wish People Knew about Mental Illness” by Catherine Segars

What I Wish People with Mental Illness Knew” by Catherine Segars



Psalm 40:1-3

2 Corinthians 10:5

1 Timothy 2:7

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