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  • Honduran Christians teaching sign languageHonduran Christians teaching sign language
    Good Word Ministries holds classes for teaching sign language and the Bible. Many Honduran Christians are commited to reaching to the Deaf, by first learning sign language. praise God for these folks loving their neighbors as themselves!mikerudd2012-04-30T21:19:14657 views00:01:58
  • Honduran Deaf teachingHonduran Deaf teaching
    Classes conducted by Good Word Ministries include Deaf adults teaching the Deaf and hearing students. God is doing wonderful works for the Deaf, through the Deaf, for His glory and honor!mikerudd2012-04-30T19:09:20589 views00:02:25
  • Good Word Ministry website videoGood Word Ministry website video
    Introduction to the work of Godd Word Ministry in central Honduras.mikerudd2010-10-12T16:21:03329 views00:03:51
  • Mi Cristo in Honduran Sign LanguageMi Cristo in Honduran Sign Language
    Grace Rudd signs "Mi Cristo" in LESHO. This video was made in Iglesia Betel's worship service on April 22, 2010 where Good Word Ministry teaches a Sunday School class in sign lanaguge and interprets the worship services.mikerudd2010-10-02T02:11:48917 views00:03:00
  • Gloria Te DoyGloria Te Doy
    Signing a song in Honduran Sign Language, called LESHO. sarah Rudd is signing, Milner Duvall is singing. This is one of materials used by Good Word Minsitry in Honduras to teach the deaf of Honduras about God.mikerudd2010-10-02T02:10:36773 views00:01:55
  • GWM 2009 UpdateGWM 2009 Update
    God has expanded Good Word Ministry's outreaches in 2009. Classes are held in 4 towns with plans being made to expand into a 5th. Honduran Christians have caught the vision for reaching the Deaf in the their communities - enjoy this update of how ...mikerudd2010-10-02T01:10:351,562 views00:07:53
  • Grace Rudd singing in ASLGrace Rudd singing in ASL
    Grace Rudd is a missionary teenager, living in Honduras where her family ministers to the Deaf. She has also lived in a community of Deaf adults in Jamaica. She knows American Sign Language, Signed English and LESHO - Honduran Sign Language. She h...mikerudd2010-10-02T01:10:351,752 views00:07:14
  • Oraciones de los SordosOraciones de los Sordos
    En Honduras y alrededor del mundo, los Sordos orar en un modo unico. Nuestro Padre Celestial esta contento con nuestros oraciones. Este video muestra los oraciones de ninos los Sordos y un pastor Sordo en Tegucigalpa.mikerudd2008-07-08T00:00:002,762 views00:04:09
  • Cayo CachauateCayo Cachauate
    In May 2008, Ministerio Roc and Good Word Ministries visited the Garifuna people on Cayo Cachuate. This is one of 15 islands in the Cayos Cuchinos, located off the north coast of Honduras. We distributed Bibles, ministered to the school children a...mikerudd2008-05-22T00:00:003,003 views00:05:54
  • Praying in HondurasPraying in Honduras
    This video shows how Deaf brothers and sisters pray in Honduras. It features children in the Manos Felices School and New Life Deaf Church, both in the capital city of Tegucigalpa.mikerudd2008-05-06T00:00:002,674 views00:03:25
  • more Bibles for Hondurasmore Bibles for Honduras
    The Day of the Bible celebration in Agua de Padres, Honduras on April 12, 2008. A cooperative effort of Ministerio Cristiano Canaan and the Rudd family of Good Word Ministries. We gave 76 Illustrated Bibles to the children and 86 NVI Bibles to the...mikerudd2008-04-28T00:00:001,896 views00:04:50