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  • Why KJV OnlyWhy KJV Only
    Why KJV only? There are many versions of the Bible on the market. The non-sense that all the Bibles are the same and are equally true is lie and blasphemy against His Author.

    All the Bibles are different. Say that all of them are the sa...
    kjvteaching2017-09-11T03:35:0314 views00:06:25
  • September 23 2017September 23 2017
    September 23 2017 is an importante date for many people. What will happen in 23 september 2017?

    23 september 2017 prophecy is about the signs in heaven of Revelation 12. However we will see if this is true looking in the text itself.
    kjvteaching2017-09-04T04:05:0510 views00:07:04
  • Female PreachersFemale Preachers
    Are female preachers biblical? There is a debate on this issue, but the Bible must have the final word in it.

    We need to know what the Bible says about female preachers, becouse this is our final authority. Our tradition or our experien...
    kjvteaching2017-09-02T16:55:0311 views00:04:58
  • Want To Be SavedWant To Be Saved
    Do you want to be saved? This means that you need this salvation message. You need to be saved by Jesus Christ. He is the only Saviour. Believe in the Lord Jesus.

    Consider to support our ministry. Contact me at the e-mail address below:...
    kjvteaching2017-09-01T19:50:4113 views00:05:34
  • Are Tongues a Gift For Today?Are Tongues a Gift For Today?
    Speaking in tongues is very important in many churches, but the question is: Are tongues a gift for today?

    Praying in tongues or speaking in tongues is practiced in many churches, but other churches say that speaking in tongues is not b...
    kjvteaching2017-08-31T23:10:0911 views00:05:13
  • Biblically GivingBiblically Giving
    Biblically giving is become a problem in the churches. There are many false teaching about it and many abuses. If you know the biblical giving, you will not fall prey of false teachers.

    Consider to support our ministry. Contact me at th...
    kjvteaching2017-08-30T09:35:0210 views00:12:12
  • Is Tithing Scriptural?Is Tithing Scriptural?
    Is tithing sriptural? Is tithing required? Is tithing for today? If these are your questions, here you will find the answer to your question.

    Many preachers speek more about tithing, then other themes. Sometime it seems that God is more...
    kjvteaching2017-08-28T20:00:2216 views00:14:06