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  • HIGH ALERT 2012 Onwards For You and Your FamilyHIGH ALERT 2012 Onwards For You and Your Family
    ALL the end time signs for the tribulation is here. This means Jesus can come literally ANY MOMENT now! Are you ready?


    Tomorrow Maybe Too Late.

    God Bless You!

    kingdomwarriorscom2012-03-16T15:44:06495 views00:15:12
  • God Rewards Those Who Diligently Seek HimGod Rewards Those Who Diligently Seek Him
    It is the promise of God that if we diligently seek Him, He will reward us. While we understand that it is God who first pursued us and loved us first, now that we have received this grace, may we continue to press on and follow after Jesus no mat...kingdomwarriorscom2012-03-16T15:09:06927 views00:06:41
  • Do Carnal Christians Go to HeavenDo Carnal Christians Go to Heaven
    To answer the question whether Carnal "Christians" will go to heaven or not, simply ask yourself if there is such a thing as an "Adulterous Faithful Wife", a "Late and Punctual Person" or a "Lazy and Diligent Worker". It is clear these are clear o...kingdomwarriorscom2012-03-16T14:59:061,231 views00:09:56
  • A Prayer of Protection For YOU and Your FAMILYA Prayer of Protection For YOU and Your FAMILY
    We are about to face major changes in our environment, economy and politics that could lead to much riots and disorder along with much natural disasters. Learn how to pray a prayer of protection over you and your family so that you can be under th...kingdomwarriorscom2012-03-16T14:49:06397 views00:14:17
  • Devil's Faith vs Christian's FaithDevil's Faith vs Christian's Faith
    Demons Believe:
    1) There is only one true God (James 2:19)
    2) Jesus is the way to salvation (Acts 16:17)
    3) And know scriptures (Matthew 4:3-10)

    So what is the difference between:
    The Devil's Faith vs a True Christi...
    kingdomwarriorscom2012-03-16T14:34:07441 views00:11:20
  • Entering Through the Narrow Gate to HeavenEntering Through the Narrow Gate to Heaven
    Many today believe that if we simply go to church and claim to believe in Jesus then we will go to heaven. However, as we study the words of Jesus, it will be clear whether this is truly the case. The time is surely at hand for the coming of the s...kingdomwarriorscom2012-03-16T14:21:391,091 views00:17:46
  • Jesus Is Calling Christians To Repent Jesus Is Calling Christians To Repent
    It is unfortunate that some people teach today that repentance is only a "one time thing", and afterwards there is no need to repent or ask God for forgiveness because that is already "all done". But as we look at the book of Revelation with Jesus...kingdomwarriorscom2012-03-16T14:04:06434 views00:09:52
  • How To Be Unshaken In End Times How To Be Unshaken In End Times
    As we are living in the end times, often we are bombarded with many different voices telling us different things. The key to stay on course in our faith steadfast to our Lord Jesus Christ is found in Paul's letter to the Corinthians. May you and I...kingdomwarriorscom2012-03-16T13:59:06523 views00:09:55