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  • Jamesy Prays Over Our DinnerJamesy Prays Over Our Dinner
    Jamesy is my nephew's son. I'm his Auntie JoJo. He forgets to include me in the prayer and when reminded, rushes to the end with a quick "In Jesus Name, Amen". Ever since that day, when he blesses the food, he always remembers to incl...jojojoeygirl2010-10-02T02:20:02552 views00:00:41
  • Jamesy Prays Over Our FoodJamesy Prays Over Our Food
    My great nephew Jamesy decides that he's going to say the dinner prayer. As he finishes, he asks for blessings over his mother and father but doesn't want to include his Auntie JoJo. It's the cutest thing. After this was shot, my niece tells me...jojojoeygirl2010-10-02T02:20:01654 views00:00:41