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  • Blessed be your NameBlessed be your Name
    October 2009 dance to the song: Blessed be your Name!jeruscha2010-10-02T01:56:541,295 views00:02:37
  • Here I am to worshipHere I am to worship
    "Licht dieser Welt" shared by Tabera Lahr Germany/Deutschland. I did the dance with people who never danced with flags before and we had not much time to practice either, but when I watched the video the beauty and worshipping spirit is ...jeruscha2010-10-02T00:18:233,787 views00:05:53
  • Sing Hallelujah!Sing Hallelujah!
    We are told to celebrate the victory and triumph God has given us in Jesus Christ. With music, singing, dance, flags, banners, tambourine and so on we show forth His power and make His praise glorious. Because He has rescued us with a strong right...jeruscha2008-10-25T00:00:006,233 views00:05:09