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  • The Lion of Judah is RoaringThe Lion of Judah is Roaring
    JOEL 3:16 - "The Lord shall roar out of Zion" A song regarding Adonai's cry to awaken His people to His presence. available at and iTunesjerusalem1ism2016-05-03T15:26:43435 views00:04:51
  • God and Man at Table are Sat DownGod and Man at Table are Sat Down
    God and Man at Table are Sat Down, video by Christy Espinosa, written by Craig Smith and sung by Michelle Swift. Christy's music is available at and iTunesjerusalem1ism2016-05-03T14:56:3570 views00:04:42
  • HoshianaHoshiana
    A worship dance by Christy Espinosa to Joshua Aaron's, Hoshiana. (Save, please) Christy's music is available at and iTunesjerusalem1ism2016-05-03T14:15:4438 views00:05:49
  • Aaronic BlessingAaronic Blessing
    The Aaronic (priestly blessing) Numbers 6:24-26, sung in Hebrew by Christy Espinosa with English translation. Christy's albums, available at and iTunes.jerusalem1ism2016-05-03T14:15:42106 views00:01:01
  • Show Me Your Face, LordShow Me Your Face, Lord
    Worship dance by Christy Espinosa to Paul Wilbur's, Show Me Your Face, Lord. For those who are hungry for His presence. Christy's albums are available at and iTunes.jerusalem1ism2016-05-03T11:43:2465 views00:06:21
  • Christy EspinosaChristy Espinosa
    A world without respect for it's Creator, is a world that with time, will spiral deeper and deeper into darkness and chaos. God have mercy on this nation, for how we are turning our backs on You and Your righteousness. Christy's albums are availab...jerusalem1ism2013-01-03T13:49:08574 views00:12:04
  • The Colors of ChristmasThe Colors of Christmas
    Celebrating the coming of our Messiah to earth! Today, in the city of David is born a Savior. He is Christ the Lord! Let all heaven and earth declare His glory!
    Christy's albums are available at and iTunes
    jerusalem1ism2011-11-10T17:25:392,065 views00:03:42
  • YerushalayimYerushalayim
    Song and video by Christy Espinosa. Blessed is the city of the Most High God, Jerusalem! Eternally spoken for, for His glory. Christy's music is available at and iTunesjerusalem1ism2011-06-11T14:14:04506 views00:07:23