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  • Piano-Saxophone SongPiano-Saxophone Song
    This is my rough "draft" of a song for piano and soprano saxophone. I plan on perfecting it someday-just one of those things you want to do but can't seem to get around to.


    jagjenterprise2010-10-02T02:27:07552 views00:05:10
  • I'll Leave it in Your HandsI'll Leave it in Your Hands
    A song by Gale Jones Murphy. Basically just to learn the song I recorded this about three years ago when I was able to do such things (I sang all the parts).

    The Words

    I Leave it in Your hands

    Leave it in Your...
    jagjenterprise2010-10-02T02:23:42851 views00:01:43
  • Atoms of Faith (the firey furnace)Atoms of Faith (the firey furnace)
    I was about 14 when I did this. You can "see" my craze for echo and reverb effects at this period in my life. I no longer have the original files or I would change it. But it is part of my journey so I can't really say it's worthless, ca...jagjenterprise2010-10-02T02:20:03620 views00:06:50
  • Pilgrim's Progress 4: Racconto Chapter One - Approaching Shady Lair 2Pilgrim's Progress 4: Racconto Chapter One - Approaching Shady Lair 2
    This is the second scene 2 from Approaching Shady Lair. Yes, I realize it's hard to hear what's being said at points. A better version is in pre-production. Enjoy!
    jagjenterprise2010-10-02T02:18:37722 views00:06:40
  • Pilgrim's Progress 4: Racconto - Approaching Shady LairPilgrim's Progress 4: Racconto - Approaching Shady Lair
    This story (audio only) was created for fun/acting practice with some friends and is based on characters and situations from the New Amplified Pilgrim's Progress Part II. The full version is coming soon. I know that's become kind of a clichÃ...jagjenterprise2010-10-02T02:17:21800 views00:08:50
  • Ultra CS3 testUltra CS3 test
    Hold on, people. I'll be posting real videos later. Yes I did actually make this with stock video. It's just a test for me to learn the upload process.jagjenterprise2010-10-02T02:09:24593 views00:00:10