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  • Billy Graham Tribute/ Gospel MissionBilly Graham Tribute/ Gospel Mission
    A song I wrote about Gospel Missions that I love so much and dedicated in honor of Billy Grahamharbinger3172018-02-26T18:55:015 views00:03:10
  • Shepherd of LoveShepherd of Love
    Song I wrote about the way Jesus will leave the 99 to find the one lost sheep. For 40 years I've been a wandering at times rebellious and hard sheep. But He never lets me go. harbinger3172018-01-17T02:55:0120 views00:04:21
  • The LighthouseThe Lighthouse
    A song I recorded. My Brother in Christ Steve Hyde wrote the lyrics. I wrote the music. harbinger3172016-02-27T17:47:0152 views00:04:52
  • VinegarVinegar
    a song I wrote about the way we gave Jesus vinegar for His thirst and how Vinegar is all the world has to giveharbinger3172016-02-27T16:47:0246 views00:03:19
  • Jesse's CornerJesse's Corner
    A song I wrote and video I made about a street preacher -- with my youth groupharbinger3172014-09-30T19:24:54179 views00:06:30
  • The Letter "S"The Letter "S"
    a video clip I made about the prominence of the letter S in the Gospel narrative of the Last Day of Jesus' life.harbinger3172010-10-02T02:01:311,105 views00:02:15
  • I'm a ChristianI'm a Christian
    i made this video clip about some of the persecution Christians suffer around the world. I wrote this song soon after I became a Christian in 1978. I learned to play the guitar at my mom's behest and have been playing ever since.harbinger3172010-10-02T01:55:271,208 views00:05:47
  • Song for Coptic Christians Murdered on Christmas Day in EgyptSong for Coptic Christians Murdered on Christmas Day in Egypt
    this song is from Psalm 79 and is in Arabic but its a beautiful psalm about God saving His people. I wrote it for the seven people who were killed after the midnight mass church service at the church in Southern Egypt. One muslim was also killed i...harbinger3172010-10-02T01:54:151,830 views00:04:11
  • Paul Crouch reads my testimony on TBNPaul Crouch reads my testimony on TBN
    My testimony of how I was a Muslim and became a christian read on TBN at a memorial service for Oral Roberts. Paul Crouch reads it and Benny Hinn is there.harbinger3172010-10-02T01:49:281,380 views00:01:30
  • Oral Roberts Song:Oral Roberts Song:
    I was a Muslim until I watched the Oral Roberts Crusade the night before Easter 1978. As he spoke, the Spirit of God fell on me so powerfully, I was overwhelmed and Jesus was in the room and I didn't see him with my eyes, but I know He was there ...harbinger3172010-10-02T01:48:192,767 views00:04:46
  • somali men who got their hands and feet cut off for stealingsomali men who got their hands and feet cut off for stealing
    this is kind of a protest song i wrote because of the young men whose hands and feet were cut off in Somalia in June 2009 for stealing cell phones and gunsharbinger3172010-10-02T01:09:112,786 views00:06:03
  • Sweden Arab Church ConferenceSweden Arab Church Conference
    an ad we made about the annual summer conference in stockholm

    harbinger3172010-10-02T01:05:382,160 views00:00:47
  • Arabic Church in Sweden/ Acoustic Prayers for StockholmArabic Church in Sweden/ Acoustic Prayers for Stockholm
    during a Sunday school class, i had the kids draw pictures from Pauls travails in Jerusalem in Acts 22 and 23. I put them together and had Pastor Merzek Botros read teh Arabic accompanying verses.harbinger3172010-10-02T00:28:011,867 views00:04:34
  • Kurdistan: First ever Kurdish Christian RapKurdistan: First ever Kurdish Christian Rap
    the first ever Christian rap song recorded in Kurdishharbinger3172010-10-01T22:48:393,883 views00:02:35
  • Sweden for Jesus ManifestationSweden for Jesus Manifestation
    a video clip about the first Christian united march in Sweden's history that gathered all the churches to praise Jesus and say that Jesus is the Lord of Swedenharbinger3172010-10-01T22:33:502,948 views00:04:38
    an Arabic invitation for people to attend teh Jesus Manifestation paradeharbinger3172008-03-17T00:00:002,375 views00:01:39