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  • The Elephant (In The Room)The Elephant   (In The Room)
    This is a message to our President, And the youth of America, To the youth You will have to speak up and out just like all generations before you if you want to keep your freedom in this country, Our constitutional civil rights are under attack by...grampsraps2013-06-28T21:49:04329 views00:07:02
  • TodayToday
    I Was given these words one day in the early morn about 2:00am, the next morning I left home drove less than one block, looked up at the sky pulled over and took the backround pic of this video but I didn't make the connection to the words until t...grampsraps2013-06-10T15:13:35201 views00:01:33
  • Things Left UnsaidThings Left Unsaid
    video grampsraps2013-05-27T10:49:05221 views00:08:30
  • AnointingAnointing
    I love to minister on drums as the alter call is happening, for me it is why we all have church in the first place, To bring the lost to the Lord and feed them as the Holy Spirit Heals them, for me there is no greater calling than to be used by G...grampsraps2013-05-27T03:49:05272 views00:08:38