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  • Five Things March 2, 2011Five Things March 2, 2011
    Weekly youth worship service video with 5 relevant things for every teenager. The overlay title can be removed by visiting
    fivethings2011-02-28T22:56:55222 views00:08:34
  • Five Things for February 20, 2011Five Things for February 20, 2011
    Our youth ministry video for the week of 2/20/11. It includes a viral video of a dunk gone wrong, a Facebook page for people to pray for Justin Bieber, testimony from a NASCAR track and 2 more 'things'.
    The video without the overlay is availa...
    fivethings2011-02-24T11:58:56367 views00:04:49
  • Five Things from January 18, 2011Five Things from January 18, 2011
    Viral hit video of the week: texting woman walks into a mall fountain. Beauty sleep is for real. Take your Bible with you everywhere you go with The YouVersion Bible app for phones and Facebook. "What if..." movie debuts on GMC, on the ground in H...fivethings2011-01-18T08:50:04346 views00:04:17
  • Five Things Episode 1Five Things Episode 1
    5. Viral video of the week
    4. Why can't you be more like Daniel?
    3. Looking for the best Christian singer in America
    2. Fans Save Blue Like Jazz the Movie
    1. What Andrew Peterson would say to a 17 year old Andrew Peterson
    fivethings2010-10-17T23:00:03345 views00:03:23