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  • Edward Earl SuleskiEdward Earl Suleski
    A song I wrote about christs crucifixion.Golgotha the place of the skull.edwardsuleski2012-11-25T23:09:04355 views00:14:08
  • Big Black TrainBig  Black  Train
    I wrote the words and music to this train song.I am currently recording a demo in a christian recording studio.And am looking for a record deal.edwardsuleski2011-12-31T00:44:24299 views00:02:13
  • I saw the light coverI  saw the light cover
    My take on a gospel classic.edwardsuleski2011-12-30T17:04:26304 views00:03:08
  • Edward Earl SuleskiEdward  Earl  Suleski
    Big Black Train is the title.I wrote the words and music to this song.edwardsuleski2011-12-26T19:44:14430 views00:02:13
  • Edward Earl Suleski\'s songsEdward Earl Suleski\'s songs
    All these songs belong to me.I wrote all the music and words.edwardsuleski2010-10-28T16:30:171,375 views00:18:09
  • Goodnight to jesusGoodnight to jesus
    Every night when I go to sleep.
    I say hello to jesus.
    I know that he lives above.
    He looks down and sees us.
    I don't know what the future holds
    it is up to him.He is closer then a
    brother.He is nearer then a friend.
    edwardsuleski2010-10-02T00:51:171,874 views00:01:52
  • Forgiven and The Arcade and Attica RailroadForgiven and The Arcade and Attica Railroad
    Two songs that I copyrighted Forgiven and the arcade and attica railroad songedwardsuleski2010-10-02T00:37:102,157 views00:03:34
  • ForgivenForgiven
    This is a song I wrote the words and music to

    I've got bars on my window and bars on my door.Justice is a laughin won't be knockin at my door anymore.I s...
    edwardsuleski2010-10-02T00:32:062,261 views00:02:11