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  • Jealous DelightJealous Delight
    A look at Joshua 24:19 and Psalm 37:4 and how God is jealous for us, not of us and how through His holy love He desires us to delight in Him. Delighting means to be pliable, molded, and transformed into the true person he created us to be.deaconbarnhill2013-06-10T15:24:14291 views00:29:28
  • faith and the Nicene Creed part 2faith and the Nicene Creed part  2
    a look at the 2nd half of the Nicene Creed and how it can be used as a guideline for Christian living and strengthening of our faith.deaconbarnhill2013-06-10T15:19:21326 views00:26:56
  • Psalm 23 and walking with the ShepherdPsalm 23 and walking with the Shepherd
    a look at how King David lays out the basics of faith and walking in faith with our Lord and Savior as we seek to live out and share our faith.deaconbarnhill2013-04-29T22:19:05321 views00:28:42
  • Faith: inward change or outward facade?Faith: inward change or outward facade?
    a look at how the life of a Christian truly should be seeking to bring about an inner change to the individual and how that change is seen and manifested into the world.deaconbarnhill2013-04-22T22:04:18361 views00:28:50
  • faith and the Nicene Creed part 1faith and the Nicene Creed part 1
    a look at the first half of the Nicene Creed and how it can provide a framework for a personal statement of faith and in living out one's faith in Christdeaconbarnhill2013-04-08T22:09:05333 views00:28:34
  • Journey to the Cross-- Psalm 22Journey to the Cross-- Psalm 22
    A look at Psalm 22 and how it highlights what Christ would endure during his last week on earth leading up to the Cross and how healing can occur because of this.deaconbarnhill2013-03-25T22:44:04294 views00:29:16
  • Experiencing Jesus; John 5:39-40Experiencing Jesus; John 5:39-40
    a look at John 5:39-40 and what it truly means to experience Christ. Christ is personal and should be experienced through prayer and meditation with the Scriptures. Scripture in and of itself does not provide salvation. It only allows you to know ...deaconbarnhill2013-03-18T22:19:06576 views00:28:49
  • The Afflictor and SeparatorThe Afflictor and Separator
    A look at Psalm 25 and how sin, and thus Satan, can become our chief affliction and separator in our physical, mental, and spiritual relationships and how through repentance and placing our hope and trust in Christ Jesus we can overcome the tempt...deaconbarnhill2013-03-11T21:54:04325 views00:28:11
  • The ReckoningThe Reckoning
    An in depth look at the theology behind the statement of Jesus Christ when he states "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and render unto to God what is God's." This will look at how we approach all aspects of our lives and what it means to Christ...deaconbarnhill2013-03-11T20:59:05310 views00:28:16
  • Matthew 23:9 and the title FatherMatthew 23:9 and the title Father
    an in depth look at Matthew 23:9 and the words used to describe the word father. We take an deep look at the word root for biological father, my father, and The Father. This will focus on the relationship of the three root words, the honor and res...deaconbarnhill2013-03-11T20:24:05308 views00:28:29
  • Jabez and the circle of influenceJabez and the circle of influence
    A look at the prayer of Jabez and how it is a precursor to the Great Commission and its role in our walk in faith and sharing that faithdeaconbarnhill2013-03-11T19:44:07363 views00:27:46
  • Jesus WeptJesus Wept
    a Pre-Lenten look at John 11:35 and how it shows the dual nature of Christ and how it plays into our Christian life as we seek to draw closer to Christ.deaconbarnhill2013-03-11T19:14:04300 views00:28:38