Texas Christian Concerts

Texas Christian Concerts are mainly announced by Texas Christian Radio Stations. There are a variety of concerts happening throughout the year and you will find the perfect Christian concert throughout Texas.

Our convenient tour schedule of Christian Concerts in Texas will keep you updated with all the upcoming events in the State of Texas. With many youth activities at your Texas Christian Concerts.

Texas is a popular State that is home to many Christian events and church groups. With a variety of music genres to offer. Christian concerts in Texas are ideal for tany age groups. You can enjoy rock bands, contemporary music, and traditional worship concerts.

Some of the recent artists that performed in the Texas area include Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, TobyMac, Third Day, and Twila Paris. If you have missed a concert you can always watch online music videos from your favorite Christian artists and bands, and sign up for Concert Alerts to their upcoming performances. You can even tune into online radio streaming and take Christian music with you wherever you go. With Texas concert alerts, you can keep up to date with artist that come to the Texas area.

You can easily buy your Texas Christian concert tickets online and reserve your seat at your favorite Texas Christian concert; so bring your friends and family and enjoy the wonderful music and performances that all these talented artists have to offer.

Christian Concerts in Texas

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The current Texas Christian Concert Schedule

Date Event Location
Aug-07 Jeremy Camp, Jeremy Camp Midland, TX
Aug-08 Jeremy Camp, Jeremy Camp Wellington, TX
Aug-12 Matt Maher, Matt Maher Bryan, TX
Aug-12 MercyMe Music, MercyMe Amarillo, TX
Aug-13 Matt Maher, Matt Maher Flint, TX
Aug-13 MercyMe Music, MercyMe San Angelo, TX
Aug-14 We Are Messengers, We Are Messengers Austin, TX
Aug-14 Matt Maher, Matt Maher Austin, TX
Aug-14 MercyMe Music, MercyMe Corpus Christi, TX
Aug-15 Matt Papa, Matt Papa Nacogdoches, TX
Aug-15 MercyMe Music, MercyMe Edinburg, TX
Aug-19 MercyMe Music, MercyMe El Paso, TX
Aug-20 Matt Maher, Matt Maher San Antonio, TX
Aug-20 MercyMe Music, MercyMe Odessa, TX
Aug-21 Bethel Music, Bethel Music Austin, TX
Aug-21 Cody Carnes, Cody Carnes Del Valle, TX
Aug-21 Chris Tomlin, Chris Tomlin Austin, TX
Aug-21 Kari Jobe, Kari Jobe Del Valle, TX
Aug-21 MercyMe Music, MercyMe Wichita Falls, TX
Aug-22 Kari Jobe, Kari Jobe Beaumont, TX
Aug-22 Chris Tomlin, Chris Tomlin Beaumont, TX
Aug-22 Cody Carnes, Cody Carnes Beaumont, TX
Aug-28 matthew west, Matthew West Dallas, TX
Sep-04 POD Band, P.O.D. The Woodlands, TX
Sep-05 POD Band, P.O.D. Dallas, TX
Sep-08 Anberlin, Anberlin Houston, TX
Sep-09 Anberlin, Anberlin Austin, TX
Sep-10 Anberlin, Anberlin Dallas, TX
Sep-25 Blake Shelton, Blake Shelton Fort Worth, TX
Sep-25 Oak Ridge Boys, Oak Ridge Boys Arlington, TX
Sep-25 Danny Gokey, Danny Gokey San Antonio, TX
Sep-26 Newsboys, Newsboys Amarillo, TX
Sep-26 Oak Ridge Boys, Oak Ridge Boys New Braunfels, TX
Sep-28 Skillet, Skillet Dallas, TX
Sep-29 Skillet, Skillet Houston, TX
Sep-30 Michael W Smith, Michael W. Smith Waxahachie, TX
Sep-30 The Isaacs, The Isaacs New Braunfels, TX
Oct-01 Zach Williams, Zach Williams Euless, TX
Oct-01 Skillet, Skillet San Antonio, TX
Oct-01 Michael W Smith, Michael W. Smith Longview, TX
Oct-01 The Isaacs, The Isaacs The Woodlands, TX
Oct-02 August Burns Red, August Burns Red Dallas, TX
Oct-02 POD Band, P.O.D. San Antonio, TX
Oct-02 Michael W Smith, Michael W. Smith Austin, TX
Oct-02 MercyMe Music, MercyMe Cedar Park, TX
Oct-02 Zach Williams, Zach Williams Houston, TX
Oct-02 The Isaacs, The Isaacs Lubbock, TX
Oct-02 I AM THEY, I AM THEY Kingwood, TX
Oct-03 Mark Schultz, Mark Schultz McKinney, TX
Oct-03 August Burns Red, August Burns Red Houston, TX
Oct-03 MercyMe Music, MercyMe Fort Worth, TX
Oct-03 Zach Williams, Zach Williams Selma, TX
Oct-03 POD Band, P.O.D. Lubbock, TX
Oct-04 August Burns Red, August Burns Red San Antonio, TX
Oct-05 I AM THEY, I AM THEY Andrews, TX
Oct-07 We Are Messengers, We Are Messengers San Antonio, TX
Oct-07 Tauren Wells, Tauren Wells San Antonio, TX
Oct-07 toby mac, tobyMac San Antonio, TX
Oct-07 Jordan Feliz, Jordan Feliz San Antonio, TX
Oct-07 Danny Gokey, Danny Gokey Odessa, TX
Oct-07 Colton Dixon, Colton Dixon Odessa, TX
Oct-08 Danny Gokey, Danny Gokey Wichita Falls, TX
Oct-08 Colton Dixon, Colton Dixon Wichita Falls, TX
Oct-09 Unspoken, Unspoken New Braunfels, TX
Oct-10 I AM THEY, I AM THEY Dallas, TX
Oct-10 Danny Gokey, Danny Gokey Crosby, TX
Oct-10 Newsboys, Newsboys Grand Prairie, TX
Oct-10 Mandisa, Mandisa Grand Prairie, TX
Oct-11 We Are Messengers, We Are Messengers El Paso, TX
Oct-11 Tauren Wells, Tauren Wells El Paso, TX
Oct-11 toby mac, tobyMac El Paso, TX
Oct-11 Jordan Feliz, Jordan Feliz El Paso, TX
Oct-12 Tauren Wells, Tauren Wells Lubbock, TX
Oct-12 We Are Messengers, We Are Messengers Lubbock, TX
Oct-12 toby mac, tobyMac Lubbock, TX
Oct-12 Jordan Feliz, Jordan Feliz Lubbock, TX
Oct-13 Steven Curtis Chapman, Steven Curtis Chapman Beaumont, TX
Oct-14 Steven Curtis Chapman, Steven Curtis Chapman College Station, TX
Oct-15 Mat Kearney, Mat Kearney Austin, TX
Oct-16 Mat Kearney, Mat Kearney Houston, TX
Oct-17 Mat Kearney, Mat Kearney Dallas, TX
Oct-20 Andrea Bocelli, Andrea Bocelli Dallas, TX
Oct-21 Need To Breathe, NEEDTOBREATHE Austin, TX
Oct-21 Switchfoot Band, Switchfoot Austin, TX
Oct-22 Need To Breathe, NEEDTOBREATHE Sugar Land, TX
Oct-22 Switchfoot Band, Switchfoot Sugar Land, TX
Oct-22 Alabama, Alabama Fort Worth, TX
Oct-22 Twenty One Pilots, Twenty One Pilots Austin, TX
Oct-23 Newsboys, Newsboys Corpus Christi, TX
Oct-23 Need To Breathe, NEEDTOBREATHE Irving, TX
Oct-23 Switchfoot Band, Switchfoot Irving, TX
Oct-23 We Are Messengers, We Are Messengers Corpus Christi, TX
Oct-23 Mandisa, Mandisa Corpus Christi, TX
Oct-26 Amy Grant, Amy Grant Lubbock, TX
Oct-26 Michael W Smith, Michael W. Smith Lewisville, TX
Oct-27 Amy Grant, Amy Grant Dallas, TX
Oct-27 Michael W Smith, Michael W. Smith Lubbock, TX
Oct-28 Michael W Smith, Michael W. Smith Midland, TX
Oct-28 Amy Grant, Amy Grant Houston, TX
Oct-30 Elevation Worship, Elevation Worship Fort Worth, TX
Oct-31 Elevation Worship, Elevation Worship Houston, TX
Nov-04 Tauren Wells, Tauren Wells Houston, TX
Nov-04 Riley Clemmons, Riley Clemmons Houston, TX
Nov-04 Lauren Daigle, Lauren Daigle Houston, TX
Nov-05 Riley Clemmons, Riley Clemmons Frisco, TX
Nov-05 Tauren Wells, Tauren Wells Frisco, TX
Nov-05 For King And Country, for KING & COUNTRY Selma, TX
Nov-05 Aaron Gillespie, Aaron Gillespie Dallas, TX
Nov-05 Lauren Daigle, Lauren Daigle Austin, TX
Nov-06 Aaron Gillespie, Aaron Gillespie Austin, TX
Nov-06 Alabama, Alabama Cedar Park, TX
Nov-06 For King And Country, for KING & COUNTRY Tyler, TX
Nov-06 The Isaacs, The Isaacs Fort Worth, TX
Nov-07 Alabama, Alabama Houston, TX
Nov-08 Aaron Gillespie, Aaron Gillespie Houston, TX
Nov-10 Michael W Smith, Michael W. Smith Amarillo, TX
Nov-10 John Mark McMillan, John Mark McMillan Dallas, TX
Nov-11 John Mark McMillan, John Mark McMillan San Antonio, TX
Nov-12 John Mark McMillan, John Mark McMillan Waco, TX
Nov-13 John Mark McMillan, John Mark McMillan Houston, TX
Nov-18 Point of Grace, Point of Grace Lewisville, TX
Nov-18 Crowder, Crowder Grand Prairie, TX
Nov-19 We Are Messengers, We Are Messengers College Station, TX
Nov-19 Mandisa, Mandisa College Station, TX
Nov-19 Newsboys, Newsboys College Station, TX
Nov-19 Crowder, Crowder San Antonio, TX
Nov-19 Disciple, Disciple Lakeside, TX
Nov-20 Mandisa, Mandisa Longview, TX
Nov-20 We Are Messengers, We Are Messengers Longview, TX
Nov-20 Newsboys, Newsboys Longview, TX
Nov-20 Crowder, Crowder Sugarland, TX
Nov-21 Crowder, Crowder Austin, TX
Dec-03 For King And Country, for KING & COUNTRY Fort Worth, TX
Dec-04 Jeff Allen, Jeff Allen Sulphur Springs, TX
Dec-04 For King And Country, for KING & COUNTRY Houston, TX
Dec-05 For King And Country, for KING & COUNTRY Cedar Park, TX
Dec-11 Jason Crabb, Jason Crabb Cleburne, TX
Dec-11 Point of Grace, Point of Grace Houston, TX
Dec-11 Tim Hawkins, Tim Hawkins Longview, TX
Dec-12 Jason Crabb, Jason Crabb Atlanta, TX
Dec-12 Home Free, Home Free Dallas, TX
Dec-12 Point of Grace, Point of Grace San Angelo, TX
Dec-16 Casting Crowns, Casting Crowns Lubbock, TX
Dec-17 Casting Crowns, Casting Crowns Grand Prairie, TX
Dec-18 Casting Crowns, Casting Crowns Corpus Christi, TX
Dec-19 Casting Crowns, Casting Crowns Cedar Park, TX
Apr-28 Celtic Woman, Celtic Woman San Antonio, TX
Apr-29 Celtic Woman, Celtic Woman Houston, TX
Apr-30 Celtic Woman, Celtic Woman Grand Prairie, TX
May-01 Celtic Woman, Celtic Woman El Paso, TX