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  • I Am DeterminedI Am Determined
    Water baptism places a line in the sand. It is an outward confession of what has happened within you, this acknowledgement of Jesus, this committing of your life to him, this submission of you and your life to his plan.chchnorthelim2012-06-13T21:39:04827 views00:20:49
  • FamilyFamily
    You are not alone! Family does not just mean the people who share the same genes as you ...chchnorthelim2012-05-30T21:29:04646 views00:21:55
  • The Justice MinistryThe Justice Ministry
    Isaiah 58chchnorthelim2012-05-30T20:10:05423 views00:26:56
  • The ResurrectionThe Resurrection
    The resurrection of Jesus is the central point of Christianity. So important is it that Paul hinged both preaching and faith on its truth. He considered that Christianity without the resurrection would be empty and meaningless. chchnorthelim2012-05-30T19:49:04750 views00:23:01
  • Eyes On The GoalEyes On The Goal
    Goals are important - if you aim for nothing, that's what you'll probably achieve!!chchnorthelim2012-05-30T19:34:04474 views00:22:54
  • The Parables Part IIIThe Parables Part III
    Continuing on from 'The Parables Part II'chchnorthelim2012-05-30T19:24:05460 views00:29:33
  • The WildernessThe Wilderness
    God wants to make your valley of trouble, a door of hope!chchnorthelim2012-05-30T18:59:05544 views00:24:09
  • The Parables Part IIThe Parables Part II
    Continuing on from 'The Parables Part I'chchnorthelim2012-05-30T18:39:05502 views00:29:55
  • The Parables Part IThe Parables Part I
    The Bible is a living document. It is able to speak to us today as easily as in the days gone by ...chchnorthelim2012-05-30T18:09:12461 views00:29:50
  • Lord, Why Me?Lord, Why Me?
    Lord, why me!chchnorthelim2012-05-27T21:39:05731 views00:28:32
  • The JourneyThe Journey
    God is leading us on our journey ...chchnorthelim2012-03-20T18:09:05381 views00:22:48
  • The Start Of The JourneyThe Start Of The Journey
    Today, through Jesus Christ and our relationship with him, we can also receive, visions, words, prophecies, revelation of His word that will shed new light and grace. All we need to do is to be seeking it, learning from it and putting it into prac...chchnorthelim2012-03-19T21:24:05534 views00:23:55
  • Something New!Something New!
    God is going to do something new in us, and it's not going to look like it did before ... so don't miss it, don't judge or reject what God is going to do because it doesn't quite look like what it did last time!!chchnorthelim2012-01-30T16:14:21527 views00:21:54
  • He Walked In GalileeHe Walked In Galilee
    We've all walked in some memorable places during our lifetimes, and some of these places assume great significance in our lives.
    This was also the experience of Jesus.
    chchnorthelim2012-01-24T17:39:20630 views00:29:42
  • The Attitude Of ChristThe Attitude Of Christ
    We need a world-wide shift in people’s thinking. We need to truly surrender ourselves to Jesus and live his example, his attitude to life. chchnorthelim2011-12-19T16:59:22587 views00:27:57
  • Who Do You Say I am?Who Do You Say I am?
    Christmas is just around the corner. This is an ideal time to talk with people about the true Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Lord and Saviour, our Redeemer, the One who died and rose again that you and I may be at peace with our Father in heave...chchnorthelim2011-12-12T15:49:08535 views00:26:42