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  • Jesus is Here!Jesus is Here!
    This is an original piano composition about Jesus Christ! This piece is composed and played by Carlos Abraham.carlosabraham12011-10-06T17:37:20414 views00:03:30
  • TearTear
    An original piano composition by Carlos Abraham! carlosabraham12011-10-01T18:39:18409 views00:04:40
  • mysterymystery
    Pianist and Composer Carlos Abraham! Original piano melody inspired by GOD!
    carlosabraham12011-10-01T18:09:28440 views00:03:00
  • Hope MelodyHope Melody
    Carlos Abraham composed this melody at age 14. This is performed live at age 20.
    carlosabraham12011-10-01T17:39:18391 views00:03:16
  • Everybody needs loveEverybody needs love
    This is an inspirational melody composed by Carlos Abraham! This melody came to Him as he was reading 2 Cor 13
    carlosabraham12011-10-01T17:24:17412 views00:02:22
  • Christian Pianist wows audiences with his ability to play piano!Christian Pianist wows audiences with his ability to play piano!
    Carlos Abraham performs Christian pianist wows audience with his ability to play the piano. Check this rising artist Carlos Abraham.
    Rachmaninoff Prelude in c sharp minor!
    carlosabraham12011-10-01T17:17:521,776 views00:03:54
  • There is always a light at the end of the tunnelThere is always a light at the end of the tunnel
    This is a melody that I composed for anyone that is going through a rough time. I hope this melody uplifts your soul!
    carlosabraham12011-10-01T17:04:19392 views00:02:28
  • The Passion of the Christ Music VideoThe Passion of the Christ Music Video
    This video is based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ!
    carlosabraham12011-09-20T13:39:19372 views00:03:12
  • Jesus is Here! Jesus is Here!
    Jesus is here is a melody that God gave me when i was praying one night. He is always there all we have to do is say his name!
    carlosabraham12010-10-02T02:27:06502 views00:03:27
  • In The Beginning! In The Beginning!
    This is a composition that Carlos Abraham composed. It based John 1:1-3
    carlosabraham12010-10-02T02:27:04290 views00:02:40
  • LoveLove
    An inspirational song that is inspired by Gods love.
    carlosabraham12010-10-02T00:25:372,223 views00:02:15