Pt1 The Excellency of Apostolic Stewardship

In this 5 part series on The Excellency of Apostolic Stewardship, Apostle JoAnne Cremer brings a powerful, provocative and cutting edge voice of distinction and direction for the Church in this Day of the Lordâ��s Visitation, and shows how the Church is presently being spiritually murdered, raped, robbed, merchandised and exploited by the vanity of Life Coach gospels, then reveals how the apostlesâ�� office is critical in order for believers to experience the reality of Christâ��s fullness, the New Covenant promises and the joy of their salvation in their souls. In this Part 1, Apostle JoAnne calls the Church to make the return back to Her First Love and details how through this transition Christ will bring a spiritually transforming power that produces the fruit, image and nature of Christ within. With boldness and pinpointed accuracy, Apostle JoAnne contrasts the true gospel against the false gospels, how exploitation occurs by the shifting of faith upon the themes of oneâ��s life, the cunning speech and words of enticement that victimize Christians into falling prey to the Antichrist Spirit. This message unfolds how the excellency of Apostolic Stewardship is not in helping you to achieve your aspirational dreams or improving lifeâ��s contradictions, but observed as apostles are helpers of your joy, by equipping you with the original and pure Record of Christ, so that the Church can once again walk in the power and witness of Jesus Christ through the New Covenant priesthood of Christ, where the blessings of Christ are daily a reward to the soul, bringing fullness to our expectation to winning Christ. For a full and free education to the New Covenant, we invite you to enroll at the Apostlesâï

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