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What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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  • Impact of the Resurrection
    Impact of the ResurrectionThe massive resurrection after Jesus Christ raised himself from the dead, and why the Sanhedrin council decided to cut the disciples a little space and let them go.teethofthelamb2010-10-01T22:43:202,754 views00:09:43
  • Hell is it a real place?
    Hell is it a real place?Is Hell real or Not ?teethofthelamb2010-10-01T22:29:594,024 views00:03:17
  • Does Man have a Free Will
    Does Man have a Free WillMan is absolutely free to choose or deny Jesus and God, but men should consider his words first.rnrnwhosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.rnrnMat 10:32 Whosoever therefore shall confess me bef...teethofthelamb2010-10-01T22:29:593,890 views00:03:24
  • Sola Scriptura Why I believe it
    Sola Scriptura Why I believe itWhy I believe Sola Scriptura "Scripture Alone"teethofthelamb2008-07-27T00:00:002,948 views00:09:43
  • Steve's Testimony and Life Story
    Steve's Testimony and Life StoryTeethofthelamb (Steve) my testimony and life story in 10 minutes.teethofthelamb2008-07-18T00:00:002,582 views00:10:50
  • The Nerve that shocks a Catholics Brain
    The Nerve that shocks a Catholics BrainWhy, do Catholics Hate it when a Bible believing Christian points to Scripture and says Idol worship is forbidden by God?teethofthelamb2008-06-25T00:00:003,579 views00:04:49
  • Eternal Life do you have it?
    Eternal Life do you have it?Are you sure you have eternal life? How do I get eternal life?teethofthelamb2008-06-23T00:00:002,871 views00:03:13
  • Mormonism is it Christian?
    Mormonism is it Christian?â��Is Mormonism Christian?â�� is a very important question. The answer is equally important and simple. No. Mormonism is not Christian.teethofthelamb2008-06-09T00:00:003,246 views00:04:13
  • Who does Islam really worship?
    Who does Islam really worship?Islam (Muslims) openly deny that Jesus is God in the flesh, oh, they claim that they believe in Jesus but only as a prophet, and that my dear friends is blasphemy itâ��s clearly and blatantly a d...teethofthelamb2008-06-07T00:00:003,391 views00:02:25
  • Is the true church Roman Catholicism?
    Is the true church Roman Catholicism?A response to YouTube's zkueker88 and his video titled &acirc;��Is the Roman Catholic Church the One True Church?&acirc;��<br />
    Answer; the Catholi...
    teethofthelamb2008-06-07T00:00:004,154 views00:06:06
  • Who is God?
    Who is God?Fuel for thought; would you know God if he was standing before your eyes, what miracle whould you demand of him, more than what he's already done? Or is it that nothing will convince you? Who is Jesus?teethofthelamb2008-05-10T00:00:002,984 views00:05:11
  • Islam despises Jesus Christ
    Islam despises Jesus ChristThe fables in the Muslim Islamic belief system deny that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, denial of Christ Jesus is described as ANTICHRIST according to Biblical teaching and prophecy.

    1Jn 4:3
    And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus C...
    teethofthelamb2008-05-09T00:00:004,015 views00:00:52
  • Muslims Hate Christians and Jesus Christ
    Muslims Hate Christians and Jesus ChristMuslims (Islam) hate Jesus Christ and Christians simply listening to some of their videos and they will provide you with all the proof you need, but this video will probably help set the record straight.teethofthelamb2008-05-08T00:00:004,678 views00:06:28
  • why good men wont go to heaven
    why good men wont go to heavenGood men wont go to heaven by works the only way is Christ Jesus.teethofthelamb2008-05-06T00:00:003,291 views00:03:31