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Shameless Persistence in Prayer
What prayer of yours has seemed to be unanswered for a while?

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In Our Darkest Moments, God is There



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  • Discovering The Real Jesus 4
    Discovering The Real Jesus 4Final video in a four part series on the life of Jesus, His claims and persona.saulportillo2013-01-31T03:59:09408 views00:13:04
  • Discovering The Real Jesus 3
    Discovering The Real Jesus 3Part three of a four video series on the life of Jesus, His claims and persona.saulportillo2013-01-31T01:29:11335 views00:10:13
  • Discovering The Real Jesus 2
    Discovering The Real Jesus 2Second part of a four part series on discovering Jesus, His claim and His persona.saulportillo2013-01-29T04:19:09376 views00:09:24
  • Discovering The Real Jesus 1
    Discovering The Real Jesus 1A four part series discovering the real Jesus, His claims and His persona.saulportillo2013-01-28T19:54:11525 views00:09:06
  • The Final Judgement
    The Final JudgementWe may dodge jury duty, an IRS audit, a speeding ticket, and even a DUI charge, but we will never dodge this day...saulportillo2013-01-17T08:49:08510 views00:10:33
  • Why Jesus?
    Why Jesus?Why is Jesus the only way?
    What is Christianity not a religion?
    Find the answers in this video.
    saulportillo2013-01-12T20:14:08484 views00:11:04
  • Why Consider God?
    Why Consider God?When making new plans and new resolutions, consider the best thing to do to ensure success!saulportillo2013-01-02T21:59:07392 views00:09:15
  • Is Sin Real? 2
    Is Sin Real? 2Sin is simple decision with complicated and fatal results! The conclusion of part one of the Reality of Sin.saulportillo2012-06-22T01:09:05383 views00:26:48
  • Is Sin Real? 1
    Is Sin Real? 1Do you really understand the gravity of sin? Who is to blame for the fall of man? Look at the frightening side of our sin nature and truly appreciate the remedy God has provided.saulportillo2012-06-22T00:34:14660 views00:29:56
  • Am I really Saved?
    Am I really Saved?An in depth study about what it means to be saved. Indicatives of salvation and a complete understanding of our salvation.saulportillo2012-06-21T15:39:06531 views00:45:08
  • Kicking Against the Prick
    Kicking Against the PrickAre we resisting God's will for our lives?
    A reflection on Paul's experience when he encountered Jesus.
    saulportillo2012-06-21T15:39:06441 views00:07:53
  • How Do I Study the Bible?
    How Do I Study the Bible?An overview of the Bible and how it came to be the book that it is today. Learn Basic Bible 101.saulportillo2010-10-02T00:13:201,726 views00:16:55
  • The Tree of Life
    The Tree of LifeWhile some look for life in a fountain of youth, others find it in the fruit of a tree.saulportillo2010-10-02T00:13:191,843 views-24.20:31:20