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  • The Nehemiah Strategy
    The Nehemiah Strategy1749 The Nehemiah Strategy.Nehemiah and his generation were given a high calling, to build Jerusalem – But all hell came against them – Each child of God is given a high calling,and all the forces of hell are arrayed against it – Learn from Nehemi...bethisraelwayne2012-08-16T09:29:04276 views00:08:11
  • The Forgotten Virtue
    The Forgotten Virtue1752 The Forgotten Virtue.The most forgotten virtue,the most warred against quality in our time,and why you especially need to develop it for the end-times.
    bethisraelwayne2012-07-30T19:34:06318 views00:07:43
  • Your Footprints In The Sand
    Your Footprints In The Sand1751 Your Footprints In The Sand.One way or another,you're leaving footprints in the sands of this life - What will your legacy be?How to leave a legacy of greatness.bethisraelwayne2012-07-30T19:34:06308 views00:08:09
  • The Matrix World
    The Matrix World1750 The Matrix World.The Matrix is not just a movie,it's a reality and we live in it,the mystery of the cosmos and the womb of eternity.
    bethisraelwayne2012-07-30T19:24:06366 views00:08:09
  • Apprehending The Momentum Of Heaven II.
    Apprehending The Momentum Of Heaven II.1748 Apprehending The Momentum Of Heaven II..In order to experience the breakthrough in your life,you need to learn -how to gain the momentum of heaven for victory, breakthorugh,and take off.bethisraelwayne2012-07-02T09:44:05286 views00:07:34
  • The Isaiah 53 Appearances
    The Isaiah 53 Appearances1747 The Isaiah 53 Appearances. (In The New Testament)-One of the most striking and overlooked phenomena in the New Testament is how often and central is the appearances of Isaiah 53 - Discover the manifestations of Isaiah 53 and what they signif...bethisraelwayne2012-07-02T09:39:06319 views00:08:27
  • Khazak
    Khazak1746 Khazak.The secret of making yourself strong-The secret practiced by David and the great saints of God throughout the ages-how anyone in the Lord become mighty.bethisraelwayne2012-06-25T14:44:05319 views00:08:38
  • The Abba Mystery Of Faith
    The Abba Mystery Of Faith1745 The Abba Mystery Of Faith.From the Dome of the Rock and Ishmael, to unique link of fatherhood to our faith, the radical and spiritual secrets that are revealed when fatherhood is taken to the supernatural realm – the supernaturally biological...bethisraelwayne2012-06-21T18:44:06288 views00:07:40
  • The Sarcastic Prophet
    The Sarcastic Prophet1744 The Sarcastic Prophet.One of the most important & holy things you can master is the humor of heaven & how not to take seriously – lessons from the prophet Elijah. bethisraelwayne2012-06-21T18:44:05378 views00:09:41
  • The Mysteries Of The Secret Israelis III.
    The Mysteries Of The Secret Israelis III.1743 The Mysteries Of The Secret Israelis III.bethisraelwayne2012-06-21T18:34:05324 views00:09:08
  • The Secret Of The Wind
    The Secret Of The Wind1742 The Secret Of The Wind - A revolutionary application and teaching on the anointing, power and filling of the Spirit is disclosed by His anointing of Moses, Bezalel, Joshua, Samson, David, Messiah and on the day of Shavuot/Pentecost.bethisraelwayne2012-06-02T16:39:05287 views00:08:51
  • The Power
    The Power 1741 The Power - The true anointing of the Spirit, the Passover-Shavuot Connection, the Resurrection, Dunamis and breakthrough in every situation is contained in the ancient Hebrew calendar.bethisraelwayne2012-06-02T16:29:04276 views00:08:33
  • The Secrets Of Little Children III.
    The Secrets Of Little Children III.1740 The Secrets Of Little Children III.bethisraelwayne2012-05-20T16:39:05231 views00:06:35
  • The Isaiah 53 Witness II.
    The Isaiah 53 Witness II.1739 The Isaiah 53 Witness II..The most fought-over,controversial,and pinnacle of Messianic prophecy-Isaiah 53-Revealed!bethisraelwayne2012-05-20T10:09:05289 views00:07:56
  • The Cosmic Keychain II.
    The Cosmic Keychain II.1738 The Cosmic Keychain II..Messiah has given you a keychain with specific powers of breakthrough-Learn how to use the keys and it will change your life.bethisraelwayne2012-05-12T17:50:25252 views00:07:45
  • If My People
    If My People1737 If My People. Jonathan shares a stunning & prophetic revelation from King Solomon & the Temple Mount, to Daniel, to the prophetic warning given on America’s first day, the nation’s Mystery Ground, Lincoln’s prophetic call, the holy convocatio...bethisraelwayne2012-05-04T17:49:05539 views00:10:00

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