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  • The Cosmic Keychain II.
    The Cosmic Keychain II.1738 The Cosmic Keychain II..Messiah has given you a keychain with specific powers of breakthrough-Learn how to use the keys and it will change your life.bethisraelwayne2012-05-12T17:50:25199 views00:07:45
  • If My People
    If My People1737 If My People. Jonathan shares a stunning & prophetic revelation from King Solomon & the Temple Mount, to Daniel, to the prophetic warning given on America’s first day, the nation’s Mystery Ground, Lincoln’s prophetic call, the holy convocatio...bethisraelwayne2012-05-04T17:49:05442 views00:10:00
  • Entering Your Prophetic Destiny
    Entering Your Prophetic Destiny1736 Entering Your Prophetic Destiny.One of the most important and very awesome principles operating in your life-and how to walk into your prophetic destiny- with some very cool surprises.bethisraelwayne2012-04-24T17:34:50268 views00:07:30
  • The Great Passover Seder Celebration
    The Great Passover Seder Celebration1735 The Great Passover Seder Celebration.Experience the Passover, the Last Supper, and the Biblical Communion in its original form just as the disciples did 2000 years ago! bethisraelwayne2012-04-24T17:34:49520 views00:06:58
  • The Mystery Event
    The Mystery Event1734 The Mystery Event.2000 years ago a mystery event occurred between the Sabbath of Passover & Sunday morning – An event that changed the world – A powerful message on the absolute historical reality of the resurrection, for the believer, the un...bethisraelwayne2012-04-11T09:54:05230 views00:08:42
  • Messiah's Cosmic Cataclysm and The Hidden Writing Of 30 A.D.
    Messiah's Cosmic Cataclysm and The Hidden Writing Of 30 A...1733 Messiah's Cosmic Cataclysm and The Hidden Writing Of 30 A.D.The amazing signs contained in the hidden writings of the rabbis that happened c. 30 A.D., the Scarlet Chord, the Lots of the Scapegoat, the Western Light, the Exile of the Sanhedrin...bethisraelwayne2012-04-11T09:54:05334 views00:08:31
  • How To Fulfil Prophecy II.
    How To Fulfil Prophecy II.1732 How To Fulfil Prophecy II.The followers of Messiah are called to actually fulfill prophecy – The secrets and keys of how you can fulfill prophecy and God’s calling on your life. The Second Part – More Revelations! bethisraelwayne2012-04-11T09:44:05246 views00:08:31
  • The Nisan Gospel Mystery
    The Nisan Gospel Mystery1730 The Nisan Gospel Mystery.All the events of our salvation happened in one single time period – the Biblical month of Nisan – Discover the mystery of Nisan, of your salvation, & the powers you have for breakthroughbethisraelwayne2012-04-11T09:39:05196 views00:07:10
  • The Prize
    The Prize1729 The Prize.We're saved by grace-but there is a prize that you're called to win and apprehend,as real as Olympic gold,and better-and a way of living that can change your life.bethisraelwayne2012-03-18T18:59:05205 views00:07:30
  • The Cosmic Tsulav and The Mystery Of Purim
    The Cosmic Tsulav and The Mystery Of Purim1728 The Cosmic Tsulav and The Mystery Of Purim.The deep mystery at the center of Purim, and the center of the existence itself, the mystery hidden in the Sistine Chapel, Dante’s Inferno, Josephus, the Septuagint, and in the ancient Biblical accou...bethisraelwayne2012-03-18T09:39:07224 views00:07:29
  • The Sword Of Amalek and The Mystery Of Purim
    The Sword Of Amalek and The Mystery Of Purim1727 The Sword Of Amalek and The Mystery Of Purim.From the day of the Red Sea, Pharaoh’s chariots and Amalek to the Third Reich, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and the nuclear sabers of Iran; the amazing mystery of Amalek demonstrates the hand of ...bethisraelwayne2012-03-18T09:34:06330 views00:09:21
  • Wolves and Heretics
    Wolves and Heretics1726 Wolves and Heretics.From the exciting world of the Book of Acts,one of the most important keys of identifying and effectievely dealing with wolves and heretics.bethisraelwayne2012-03-11T15:39:04197 views00:06:28
  • The Golden Calf Civilization:Tablet II.
    The Golden Calf Civilization:Tablet II.1725 The Golden Calf Civilization:Tablet II.What has happened,what is happening,and what is yet to come in America and the end-time civilization,exposed in a prophetic revelation in the deserts of Sinai.bethisraelwayne2012-02-25T10:19:05319 views00:08:12
  • The Isaiah 53 Witness
    The Isaiah 53 Witness1724 The Isaiah 53 Witness.The most warred over all Messianic Prophecies,Isaiah 53, and all the controversy surrounding,all brought to trial.bethisraelwayne2012-02-25T10:09:08202 views00:08:43
  • The Prodigal Son Revelation
    The Prodigal Son Revelation1723 The Prodigal Son Revelation.The most universal and personal of Messiah's parables also contains a mystery behind the present age,the Jew, the Gentile,Israel,the Church,and the last days.bethisraelwayne2012-02-25T10:04:08267 views00:07:53
  • State Of Bliss
    State Of Bliss1722 State Of Bliss.The world seeks for a state of bliss-but only in God can you find it.The true secrets and keys to true joy,fullness,contentment,and finding the state of bliss. bethisraelwayne2012-02-25T09:59:08260 views00:08:39

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