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  • The Dark Trinity
    The Dark Trinity1798 The Dark Trinity.In ancient times,there was a dark trinity behind the destruction of Israel-the same dark trinity is behind what is happening in America before our eyes.bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T19:54:15705 views00:08:00
  •  The Radical King and The Road Less Traveled
    The Radical King and The Road Less Traveled1795 The Radical King and The Road Less Traveled.Messiah is the Radical King- Learn the radical and revolutionary laws of the Radical Kingdom to transform your life.bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T19:54:15417 views00:07:37
  •  Word For The Year 2013
    Word For The Year 20131794 Word For The Year 2013.Pastor Jonathan shares several words for the year to come including the Multiplication of the Bread.bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T19:49:14508 views00:08:40
  • The Secrets Of Change and Breakthrough
    The Secrets Of Change and Breakthrough1792 The Secrets Of Change and Breakthrough.How can you break lifelong habits, sins, hindrances in your life and begin to walk, act, and live in a new way – the very biblical and very practical secrets of transforming your life in God.bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T19:44:14431 views00:07:14
  • BC/AD
    BC/AD1790 BC/AD.The presence of Messiah has divided history into two – This is not only an incredible and unprecedented historical fact that affects everyone on this planet, but is linked to a deeper cosmic and eternal reality that lies behind it – Unc...bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T19:39:18435 views00:08:13
  • Weaned
    Weaned1797 Weaned.The Secret of little children,of the great saints of the age,absolutely critical for the end-time believer-How to be weaned.bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T19:31:45404 views00:08:24
  • Secrets Of The Night-The Stars
    Secrets Of The Night-The Stars1774 Secrets Of The Night: The Stars.The end-times are likened to the night – But at night, the stars come out – Discover the Bible’s revelations of the night, of the end times, and how to stay strong, how to thrive, how to shine – as the starsbethisraelwayne2013-02-12T19:09:13426 views00:08:25
  • The Maccabee Blueprint V.
    The Maccabee Blueprint V.1773 The Maccabee Blueprint V. .The ancient Feast of Chanukah contains the most detailed, specific revelation of the end-times of any Biblical holy day – everything from the antichrist to the abomination desolation to modern day apostasy – discove...bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T19:04:14700 views00:08:01
  • The House Of The Presence
    The House Of The Presence1791The House Of The Presence. Hidden in the name “Bethlehem” is an ancient mystery that goes back to Eden, Passover, the Wilderness, and the essence and secret of our lives. bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T18:59:16423 views00:07:05
  • The Christmas Principle
    The Christmas Principle1789 The Christmas Principle.What has happened to Christmas, from Santa Claus to Macys, is a manifestation of a deep spiritual dynamic that affects everything from Western Civilization, the Church, and each of our lives.bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T18:54:15341 views00:07:41
  • The Messiah Motive
    The Messiah Motive1772 The Messiah Motive. Most people, even believers, live on the reward/punishment principle- but there’s an entirely other way to live, to do all things, to liberate your life- the Messiah Motive!bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T18:44:14558 views00:08:01
  • Like a Tree
    Like a Tree1771 Like a Tree.The Bible actually states upright the key to living a blessed life. Simple, deep and life-changing- And it’s all found in a tree.bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T18:34:14527 views00:07:46
  • Days Of Earth and Heavenly Habitations
    Days Of Earth and Heavenly Habitations1769 Days Of Earth and Heavenly Habitations.One of the most profound, eternal, and beautiful secrets of how to live the rest of your days-all based on a dishonest, crooked & possibly criminal character.bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T18:34:13516 views00:08:12
  • The Don't Look Where You're Not Going Secret
    The Don't Look Where You're Not Going Secret1770 The Don't Look Where You're Not Going Secret.One of the most important ,simple,yet revolutionary and life-changing keys-easy to apply and with instant changes,results and victory.bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T18:29:16431 views00:06:46
  • The Isaiah 53 New Covenant Appearings
    The Isaiah 53 New Covenant Appearings1768 The Isaiah 53 New Covenant Appearings.The most controversial and stunning of Messianic prophecies is actually woven throughout the New Testament – Discover where and how.bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T18:09:16404 views00:07:28
  • The Tipping Point
    The Tipping Point1767 The Tipping Point.There are key moments in the history of men and nations which prove critical to the course that follows, from the fall of Saul and Babylon, to the destruction of Israel- Jonathan speaks of an election and a tipping point for...bethisraelwayne2013-02-12T16:44:13437 views00:08:33

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