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Seeing is Disbelieving
How does God’s promise in Deuteronomy 1:30-31 encourage and prepare you to fight for what’s true?

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Even When I Cannot See



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  • Expectations
    ExpectationsWhat are our expectations of God, of each other, of prayer, of church and of life and more interestingly what are our expectations regarding our obedience to God's will in our everyday life. This is a grow up message for our maturity and growth fr...bbccarolyn2010-10-02T01:30:451,374 views00:25:54
  • Busy, Busy, Busy
    Busy, Busy, BusyIts not about you or me or my plans or my circumstances its about Jesus, the universe creating God who wants to have a relationship with us. This is a refreshing look at the business of our lives in light of the necessary pace of our society.We li...bbccarolyn2010-10-02T01:30:451,401 views00:29:37
  • Nehemiah Series 1
    Nehemiah Series 1Today we begin a new series on the book of Nehemiah.bbccarolyn2010-10-01T23:39:252,281 views00:29:57
  • Life Issues Series Worry
    Life Issues Series WorryWe are to live our lives focused on Eternity, knowing that God meets our everyday needs and to live with an heart that is full of peace, joy and hope. God calls us to pour our anxiety on Him Because He loves us. So enjoy this encouraging message ...bbccarolyn2010-10-01T23:31:452,264 views00:27:11
  • Life Issues Series - Are you weary
    Life Issues Series - Are you wearyAs we are surrounded by sin and problems we are encouraged to throw everything that hinders us and fix our eyes on Jesus. But how do you not become weary in the race of everyday life. Pastor Baker challenges us to run that race in the arms of our ...bbccarolyn2010-10-01T23:31:332,397 views00:21:25
  • conference
    conferencei havent put any music to the clip. stupid computer 7 i have run out of time today. is this what you want?bbccarolyn2010-10-01T22:56:232,102 views00:02:02
  • Why Baptist??
    Why Baptist??In this message Pastor Baker discusses what it means to follow in the "Baptist" tradition & how that shapes our Church congregation today.bbccarolyn2010-10-01T22:54:392,343 views00:29:50
  • Welcome to Bathurst Baptist
    Welcome to Bathurst BaptistWelcome to Bathurst Baptistbbccarolyn2010-10-01T22:48:232,075 views00:01:20
  • Contact us
    Contact usThis information is fo share who we are and our mission on the net and enables you to be able to contact our Ministry. if at anytime you need prayer or we can help you on your journey please ask. May God Bless as you seek Him.bbccarolyn2010-10-01T22:42:592,719 views00:03:07
  • Intro
    IntroIntroducing Bathurst Baptistbbccarolyn2010-10-01T22:36:223,116 views00:01:05
  • Life IOssues Series  Adversity
    Life IOssues Series AdversityWhen we are in adversity, that is under pressure, dealing with distress, in debt, discontent, in bitterness in our soul and are being mistreated, God is aware and He will bring about changes in our lives so that we to can have hearts like Job and ...bbccarolyn2008-10-05T00:00:001,421 views00:28:29
  • Life Issues Series Forgiveness
    Life Issues Series ForgivenessContinuing with the Life Issues Series this message on Forgiveness by Senior Pastor Baker shows how unforgiveness gets a hold in a persons life and causes bitterness and ruined lives. Pastor Baker explores the Biblical principle of Forgiveness and...bbccarolyn2008-09-14T00:00:002,418 views00:27:54
  • Life Issues Series Joy
    Life Issues Series JoyIn this message in the Life Issues Series Pastor Elio Bicanic teaches us about Biblical joy and the impact on our lives. This is an inspiring message to get closer to the heart of God and His design for our lives.bbccarolyn2008-09-01T00:00:002,524 views00:29:09
  • Depression, You & God
    Depression, You & GodDepression is a symptom that has widely infected our community. What does the Bible say about how we are to handle depression and how does God want us to respond to people that we encounter sufferig from this all to common condition. We look with ...bbccarolyn2008-08-24T00:00:002,166 views00:24:01
  • Sherryls Perils: Sheenas Coffee Shack
    Sherryls Perils: Sheenas Coffee ShackThis is a comedy skit series that follows the life of the wild seeker "Sheryl" and engages ordinary people in the everyday life of the Gospel message. In this episode Sheryl and her mate Sheena discover that a coffee shack is jus...bbccarolyn2008-08-24T00:00:002,229 views00:22:41
  • Daniel Study Series- Final Chapters
    Daniel Study Series- Final ChaptersIn this final message in the series on Daniel Pastor Baker challenges us to be real in a toxic society. Grab your Bible and explore this difficult text with us and be sure just who it is you serve.bbccarolyn2008-06-15T00:00:002,153 views00:28:33