Sheriff Deputy Odum Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime At Routine Traffic Stop

Sheriff Deputy Odum Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime At Routine Traffic Stop

Usually it’s very difficult to get something past our sharp-witted officers of the law. This Sheriff Deputy gets a life changing surprise during what she thinks is a routine stop that has her boyfriend behind the wheel.

Christy Odum has been a deputy for over 14yrs in Denver’s Douglas County. She was approached by the local news station to participate in a ride along for what she thought was a feature piece on women in law enforcement. Christy’s family is very unique in that her mom and both sisters are also in law enforcement. Little did she know her boyfriend had an elaborate plan already in motion.

As the news crew recorded and interviewed Odum during the ride along, a call came in about a disabled vehicle. That vehicle was a rental car that included Deputy Odum’s boyfriend pretending to be a stranded driver. That’s when he surprised her as she approached the car. It’s our understanding that surprising any law enforcement officer during a traffic stop is usually not the best idea, but thankfully Odum’s boyfriend was instantly recognized as he got out of his car and explain the real reason he was there.

Grinning ear to ear, Odum still looked shocked at first, asking him “What are you doing here?,” but she quickly caught on to his well executed plan when he started down on one knee. With news cameras rolling to catch the moment, the not-so-stranded driver assumed the position, pulled out the lovely ring, and proposed to the love of his life. Thanks to a great cover story, the sneaky use of an unrecognizable rental car, and the help of the local news team, Deputy Odum got the surprise stop of a lifetime. We wish them both a long and happy marriage full of equally fun surprises.

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