Leticia Yuzefpolsky Shares Testimony After Nine Family Members Killed

Leticia Yuzefpolsky Shares Testimony After Nine Family Members Killed

Leticia Yuzefpolsky faced a horrible tragedy when her family was murdered in 2008 on Christmas Eve. But this survivor isn’t willing to allow the situation to steal her joy.

Online comedian, Kristina Kuzmic is known for her funny videos on parenting. Her aim is to bring humor and a new perspective to situations that normally might bring frustration. Stepping outside of her normal pattern, Kristina asked her friend Leticia to share about her experience and how she has moved forward.

“When I think about hope, when I think about going through hell and then emerging and still being able to find joy and fulfillment in life, I think of my friend, Leticia.”

On Christmas Eve 2008, Leticia’s former brother-in-law, Bruce Pardo, dressed up as Santa Claus came to her parent’s home where the family was gathered and killed nine members of Leticia’s family. Leticia’s 8-year-old daughter was hit in the face but was able to escape. Before taking his own life, Pardo used a homemade explosive device which engulfed the home in flames. Leticia lost her parents, siblings and sibling-in-laws that night. Her children, husband and some nieces and nephews were able to escape.

“One of the things that helped me through my grief, absolutely was my faith. You replace the bad with really good…”

In the face of such utter darkness, Leticia knew that she couldn’t allow evil to win in her life or her family’s. Leticia is sharing her story in hopes that someone who may be struggling with heartache and difficult situations can see that their life story doesn’t have to be defined by others.

“Don’t give up hope. Take the time to grieve. Move forward by looking at just the next day. And focus on your goal, which is joy, at the end of it. Joy. In time.”

What a beautiful message! We are so moved by Leticia’s story and how she has chosen to allow God to use her to help others and to encourage her own family.