Piano Audition Turns Into Dance On America's Got Talent

Piano Audition Turns Into Dance On America's Got Talent

Nervous contestant Patrizio Ratto turns his classical piano audition into a spectacular dance performance on America’s Got Talent. When Patrizio first arrived on stage, he was visibly nervous.

This classical musician started playing the piano at a very young age and he’s hoping that his passion will turn into a winning audition. “As a child, I was very quiet and shy. So my mother put me in piano class and I fell in love with it.”

As Patrizio shared his story, the judges looked at bit perplexed. Judge Simon Cowell was very hesitant about the upcoming audition and wasn’t sure if a piano performance would be enough to impress them. But this young man wasn’t going to let nerves stop him from following his dreams. “I’m a little bit nervous but I think this is a chance to show the judges, to America my music and my passion.”

Next, Patrizio sits down at the piano and starts to play. The composition is beautiful, but it doesn’t seem quite wow-worthy. That’s when the music changes and Patrizio stands up and starts to dance. I had no idea that this was coming and neither did the entire crowd. Everyone was cheering as this slow audition turned into a rousing dance number.

Patrizio definitely came out of his shell and let his love for music and dance fill the stage. Then, for the grand finale, Patrizio returned to the piano for a beautiful ending. What an incredible blend of classical and modern to create an awe-inspiring audition.

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