A Truely Inspirational Story

Born in 1992, Ben Underwood was just 2 years old when cancer claimed his eyes. Both were surgically removed. It was a day of heartbreak for his mother, Aquanetta Gordon.

And when he woke up from his surgery Ben said, 'Mom, I can't see any more, I can't see any more'. Holding her tears, she told him in a brave voice by saying "Ben, yes you can see". She took his little hands and put them on her face and continue, "See me, you can see me with your hands," next, she put her hand to his nose and said, "Smell me, you can see me with your nose. Hear me, you can see me with your ears. You can't use your eyes anymore, but you have your hands, your nose, and your ears."

More than 2,000 people gathered on January 26, 2009 to mourn Ben Underwood. An Amazing life in a short 17 years!

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