WHO ARE YOU? The Darol Stacy Testimony: Part 2 of 4

WHO ARE YOU?  The Darol Stacy Testimony:  Part 2 of 4

We ultimately act out who we believe we ARE. People and circumstances often influence us to believe lies about ourselves, did you know that? For instance, if your parents told you all the time growing up that you were stupid and dumb, chances are deep down you believe it; are held in fear of failing, and never will become all you are capable of becoming without a miracle change, which is WAITING for you! Most people have no idea what God says they ARE in the Bible when they identify with Christ. When Darol found out who he could be in Christ, his whole attitude changed about Christianity. Today, Darol and his wife Laura, minister frequently in prisons. In that setting, Darol speaks to people who were programmed from infancy to believe they would never amount to anything. Sure enough, most grew up to believe it, and have become emotionally handicapped ever since, sadly. Yet it is never too late to change! God can take someone like Darol and change him or her into an entirely new creation. Just listen to his testimony if you want proof! And what God has done for Darol, he can and will do for ANYONE, who is willing to let GOD be their identity, instead of the cheap counterfiets this world has handed them. To listen to all 4 parts of this testimony, go to www.precious-testimonies.com, click on: TESTIMONY DIRECTORY - then scroll down to his name. Also on the same website, go to the CHRISTIAN MESSAGES page, and you can find an excellant writing on WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST. There are numerous scripture passages for you to savor!