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‘The Man And The Lamb’ Emotional Christmas Video Showcases Reality Of Dementia

‘The Man And The Lamb’ Emotional Christmas Video Showcases Reality Of Dementia

An artist’s heartbreaking music video depicts the horrible, devastating reality of those suffering from dementia and the pain and heartache their loved ones experience. 

Life, at times, can be unfair and cruel, resulting in some people undergoing more than their fair share of hurt and difficulties. Seemingly out of nowhere, those near and dear to our hearts will come down with damaging, life-altering conditions and diseases. These inexplicable situations will often lead to asking straightforward, pointed questions that are not likely to be answered on this side of heaven. 

In the music video for the tune “The Man and The Lamb,” viewers get a tear-jerking look at one man’s struggle with dementia and the gut-wrenching pain and heartache the disease inflicts upon the patient and their loved ones. 

The 5-minute clip opens with a gentleman walking about in a green, sprawling field. It’s momentarily unclear where exactly he’s headed. But a few frames later, he enters a large, barn-like structure and soon exits carrying a creature securely in his arms. He has a baby lamb, which he brings back to his apartment. 

Once back at his residence, the middle-aged man pets, dances around the room and watches television with the small farm animal, who sports a miniature Santa hat. 

Then, at approximately the 1:20-minute mark, viewers get the first indication that something is wrong. The man grabs a collar, which he fits to a particular size, and then tries to place it around the lamb’s neck. Of course, the collar is entirely too big for the animal, and it easily slips on and off the lamb. But sadly, the man seems genuinely confused as to why the collar is not a perfect match for his tiny, four-legged friend. 

The man, suffering from dementia, believes the lamb to be his beloved dog, who passed away only weeks earlier. 

After a near-fatal incident, the gentleman is placed in an assisted living facility, which absolutely wrecks his daughter. In the clip’s final moments, the man and his daughter converse. She communicates the painful and heartbreaking reality of recent events. 

Unfortunately, the sad, gut-wrenching situation depicted in the video is a reality for way too many families. But no matter what situation or sickness life may throw in our way, the Lord is still in control. He is still at work, and He never leaves us.

Isaiah 41:10 “Have no fear, for I am with you; do not be looking about in trouble, for I am your God; I will give you strength, yes, I will be your helper; yes, my true right hand will be your support.”

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