Dramatic Moment Vets Save Mama Elephant And Baby Trapped In Hole

Dramatic Moment Vets Save Mama Elephant And Baby Trapped In Hole

Do you need proof there are still good, courageous, and kind-hearted people out there? If so, you don’t want to miss this dramatic moment when vets save a mama elephant and her baby trapped in a hole. 

The video reveals a baby elephant who had somehow fallen into a pit because of the heavy rainfalls in their part of the world. The mother elephant was so set on saving her baby’s life that she had been lying down in the pit trying to reassure her baby for what must have been hours, if not days. Her dedication to her baby almost cost the mama elephant her life! 

By the time humans had gotten involved in the rescue, her heart had given out. The rescue became a race against time to save not only the baby but the mother. Once the baby was pulled free, rescuers began performing CPR. 

At one point, the baby snuggled up to her mother as if encouraging her not to leave this world. It seemed as if all hope was lost and the mother wasn’t going to make it and then in God’s incredible miracle happened, the mother had been revived! There were cheers of joy and triumph and maybe a few tears too! 

One viewer left this comment: “That was incredible helping the mother elephant. God bless all involved!” Another added, “What they did was absolutely amazing. Good to know people who care like this still exist.” 

Another viewer’s comment echoed what we all might be feeling, “So glad to watch the mother come back to life. Thank you, all those kind-hearted humans who helped the mom and child.” 

What an absolute blessing one of the rescuers refused to give up performing CPR. His efforts saved one of God’s magnificent creatures. I’m sure the baby elephant was more than overjoyed to not only be out of the pit but to have its mother back too. 

I’m incredibly thankful there are still kindhearted and courageous people in this world! We hope their life saving efforts blessed your day and remind you not to become weary in doing good. The good Lord will give us an abundant harvest–like this life-saving moment. 

Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

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