The Kingdom of GOD Now

The Kingdom of God is in Our Midst Now

Matthew 3:2 John the Baptist uses the term "at hand" meaning present now.

Matthew 26:46 Judas betrays Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus uses the term "at hand" meaning here now.

Matthew 4:17 Jesus uses the term here like John did referencing the kingdom being "at hand" meaning here now.

Acts 1:3 Look at what Jesus preached AFTER his resurrection and for forty (40) whole days. (Probably some significance to the 40 days that I haven't figured out yet. You got some ideas? Write me and share your views about these 40 days.

Luke 4:43 Jesus declares his purpose. Look it up! He says that He was sent for this express purpose.

Luke 18:20-21 vs. 21 for the kingdom of God is within you. Here the term within is translated in the Amplified Bible as meaning "in your midst, present now, even all around you".

Brothers, Sisters get ready for the best time we have ever had in all of Christendom. The discovery of the "right now presence of the kingdom of God".

I know, in the face of so much back water, plantation religion mixed with derivatives of Catholicism and theatrical preaching and great swelling words of man's wisdom, we are painstakingly moving forward to discover the kingdom of God, finally on God's terms.

For years men have made the word of God and the plans, purposes and intent of God's will for mankind, to reflect man's own philosophy and opinions, often times conveniently avoiding what man doesn't agree with concerning God's word and promoting what man wants others to think about God's word instead.

In this final hour of the church God is demanding by revelation, that we submit to His original intent. God is making it so that we are without excuse. You and I can no longer ignore the call of God to man, to be His children, and He our Father.

From the beginning God said that He had made man (male and female) in His image (spirit) and likeness (capable of producing the same charac

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